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  1. AC Invite 1-13-18 one team needed

    We had a team drop out and need 1 team to fill a 10 team individual event. Each weight class is split to pools of 5 with a round robin. Then a crossover match for placements. Each kid gets 5 matches. Contact our AD Josh Dommer if interested: dommer@accs.k12.in.us Thanks Tony Currie
  2. Extra training Forbidden?

    My understanding of the IHSAA rules is that HS kids cannot train or practice with kids from other schools during the IHSAA season. So the question is, does the contract refer to in season or after season? If in season, he is trying to keep the kids IHSAA eligible. Somone correct me if I am wrong.
  3. Undefeated guys at Team State?

    Admas Central Logan Mosser 120 Logan Macklin 152
  4. High School Wrestling Participation up

    We have some new juniors and seniors out this year. A couple are out after sitting out a year or two and a couple are brand new to the sport. Our roster is 31 and we are usually low to mid 20's. I asked the one senior who has never done it before why. His response was- why not, I am not doing anything else.
  5. #TheCounty

    I think you have to be careful about assuming where posters are from. Adams Central is the first school listed so you need to change that to select a school on your profile. There are way too many people on here that looks like they are from AC when in reality most likely are not. I would like to think we would not have posters knocking other programs when we are striving to get to their level. So I think folks need to ease up a little on their assumptions of where posters are from. I know Matt and would never take a shot at him or anyone that puts as much time and effort into this sport that we all love. Great weekend by all the kids who participated. It is a great accomplishment to earn a trip to the state finals. Those are the elite kids in the state. Tony Currie
  6. 1A Team State Qualifying: thru State

    -Recall that one rep from each semi-state, plus the next 6 highest scores are automatic bids. Current semi-state auto bid leaders include North Posey (E-ville) and Cass (ECC). If either of them were moved up to 2A, the next teams would be North Putnam (E-ville) and Triton (ECC). Unless I am missing something, Morovia would be Evansville SS auto bid, Correct?
  7. Academic All-State Form

    from IHSWCA website Academic All-State Senior Academic All-State Criteria: 1. Must be a senior 2. Must have a 3.25 average on a 4.0 scale for 7 semesters (please convert to 4.0 scale when submitting) 3. Must be a Sectional participant 4. Must be nominated by a member of the IHSWCA To Nominate a Senior, Email Scott Van Der Aa: ssvanderaa@tsc.k12.in.us - Include senior's name, school, sectional weight class & site, GPA, and attach transcripts Junior Academic All-State Criteria: 1. Must be a junior 2. Must have a 3.25 average on a 4.0 scale for 5 semesters (please convert to 4.0 scale when submitting) 3. Must be a Sectional participant 4. Must be nominated by a member of the IHSWCA To Nominate a Junior, Email JD Minch: jsaminch123@sbcglobal.net - Include junior's name, school, sectional weight class & site, GPA, and attach transcripts
  8. ACAC Tourney

    In the match you stated, there was a little extra at the end that was inappropriate and the wrestler was reprimanded. We do not teach nor condone that. It is an emotional sport and at times, high school kids make the wrong decision in the heat of the moment.
  9. This week 1/9 - 1/14

    AC, Dwenger, Southwood, Anderson, Arsenal Tech, Arlington, Winamac, Wawasee, Frontier, Eastbrook. I believe this is the correct list. Tony Currie
  10. Trophy Chasing

    I like the idea of the wildcard. We are a small school club that has participated the last few years in this event. We just do not have kids at some of these weights. I have used the wildcards each year. As Clan Campbell stated, it allows another kid an opportunity to compete. I follow these kids afterwards and enjoy the successes they achieve. It is because they work hard and put forth the time and effort. It is an awesome team event that our kids enjoy. We only use them for the weights we can not fill. I believe that is the spirit of the rule. I have no problem with how anyone else uses their wildcards. That is none of my business or concern. We are glad to have the opportunity to compete at a state level event as a team with our kids who may not otherwise choose to compete at an individual state event. Tony Currie
  11. wrestlers needed for iswa state duals

    Event is now open to pre k. Still looking for a 40 and 150. Thanks
  12. Our team has two wild card openings at 40 and 150 pounds for the ISWA elementary state duals on 1/8/17. We will compete in the small school division. This is for k-6th grade. Contact me if interested. Thanks Tony Currie currie5fam@gmail.com or text 260-223-7203 Adams Central Jet Wrestling Club
  13. Prayers needed for a young Bellmont wrestler

    Great kid and great family. My boys are fortunate to call him a friend. We have competed with him and against him in sports as the boys have grown. Dad and Mom are first class and it shows in their children. Last night showed that the entire Adams County community is in support of this family. Keep healing, Remy. Tony Currie Adams Central
  14. Ihsaa and track wrestling email?

    I figured that is what they are doing. Ohio uses Trackwrestling for their weight program. We have a tourney over there. I have not been told that is what IHSAA is doing for sure. Tony