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  1. Phil beat me by a few minutes here. Adams Central 106: Troe Roe (105) 1st 1985 Troy Roe (105) 4th 1984 Troy Roe (105) 5th 1986 113: Lynn Fiechter (112) 2nd 1980 Tyson Bercot (112) 3rd 2005 120: Ray Ashley (119) 2nd 1984 Denny Schwartz (119) 4th 1992 126: Mark Griffiths (125) 2nd 1990 Mike Gremaux (126) 4th 1981 132: Jim Marbach (130) 3rd 1988 Leroy Striker (132) 4th 1981 Matt Liter (130) 5th 1992 138: Andy Bertsch (135) 2nd 1996 Andy Bertsch (135) 3rd 1997 Gregg Snyder (138) 4th 1986 145: Tony Currie (145) 2nd 1994 Jim Marbach (145) 3rd 1989 Eric Hunter (145) 4th 1997 Logan Macklin (145) 5th 2019 Alex Currie (145) 7th 2020 152: Tony Currie (151) 3rd 1995 Vince McAfee (152) 5th 2006 Hunter Bates (152) 8th 2016 160: Jeff McCullough (155) 4th 1986 170: Todd Yoder (171) 4th 1990 Kaine Luginbill (170) 4th 2015 Trey Schultz (170) 8th 2009 182: Jack Bertsch (185) 4th 1977 195: Dustin Mitchel (189) 4th 2004 Ryan Wolfe (189) 5th 1994 220: Ryan Wolfe (215) 5th 1995 285: Brian Werst (275) Qualifier 1996 Josh Stetler (275) Qualifier 2004
  2. ACAC has 7 member schools. 5 have participated recently. Adams Central, South Adams, and Jay County this year. Southern Wells last year. Bluffton next season. NECC has had great representation in 1A and 2A over the years. I believe they have had at least 6 of their schools participate.
  3. I have thought that the top 6 should advance out of each semi state. Same idea above to determine 5/6. 24 man state bracket. Semi State champs and runner ups get a bye round 1 of state.
  4. Jay County Sectional 145 Fiechter, Dull, and Currie. Also all three from the same conference.
  5. A couple years prior to that in 1993-94, 145 at the FW Snider regional (took three out at the time) finished 1st, 2nd, 4th at state. A lot of incidents of loaded weight classes over the years.
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    Mason Winner
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    Jacob Duncan
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    William Fiechter
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    Alex Currie
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    Paul Faurote
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    Clayton Lundy
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    Caden Friedt
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    Cayden Shaffer
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    Alex Currie
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    Alex Currie
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    Alex Currie
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    Alex Currie
  18. Homestead
  19. Adams Central
  20. Adams Central
  21. Adams Central
  22. Bellmont
  23. I was ok at math back in the day. You can can calculate stats or percentages to support pretty much whatever you want. All I know is that 12 teams per division pretty much included everyone who had a shot regardless of which division they were classified in. Splitting 3A up really just adds an opportunity for the lower enrollment 3A teams to have a legitimate shot to win a title. Which is fantastic. Now why would you take away that opportunity from programs that are smaller yet? One of the initial goals when this was started was to increase excitement and try to grow small school wrestling. Back to percentages- on any given year we have 12-15% of our HS boy population out for wrestling. I feel that is a high percentage considering not all boys walking the hall are athletes, and you subtract out the basketball players and swimmers. Team State is something we highlight and use as a tool to recruit kids. I am sure by the excitement and fan support of the other 1A schools, that they also consider it an honor to compete in this event. I would like to see it stay at 12 teams per division.
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