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  1. Can a licensed official come to your practice and do an official weigh-in or does it have to be done at a meet or tournament?
  2. Qualified Weigh-ins

    I understand that you can go to another meet (between two other schools) and weigh in even if your team doesn't wrestle in that meet, Is this correct?
  3. Weight Allowance

    I was informed that if school and practice were cancelled, but you wrestled on Thursday night, you don't get that 1 pound allowance for Saturday's meet. Is that correct?
  4. How many qualified weigh-ins does a wrestler need to qualify for sectional? Do injuries have an impact on this? For example, we have a wrestler that's been out due to injury and will have about 10 matches, but only 3 qualified weigh-ins. Can he wrestle at sectional?