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  1. Can a licensed official come to your practice and do an official weigh-in or does it have to be done at a meet or tournament?
  2. Kerz

    Qualified Weigh-ins

    I understand that you can go to another meet (between two other schools) and weigh in even if your team doesn't wrestle in that meet, Is this correct?
  3. Kerz

    Weight Allowance

    I was informed that if school and practice were cancelled, but you wrestled on Thursday night, you don't get that 1 pound allowance for Saturday's meet. Is that correct?
  4. How many qualified weigh-ins does a wrestler need to qualify for sectional? Do injuries have an impact on this? For example, we have a wrestler that's been out due to injury and will have about 10 matches, but only 3 qualified weigh-ins. Can he wrestle at sectional?

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