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Everything posted by Y2CJ41

  1. Y2CJ41

    Moves and Transfers

    Brandon Wright from Cathedral to Warren Central David Palmer from Muncie South to Delta Deondre Wilson from Arsenal Tech to Warren Central
  2. If you hear of one please comment so we can update the list School Old Coach New Coach Alexandria Lew DiRuzza Bloomington North Marty Hutsell Chandler Pogue Brebeuf Jesuit Mic Roessler Cory Watkins Center Grove Cale Hoover Maurice Swain Central Noble Chuck Fleshman Sam Ocampo Churubusco Sam Riesen Columbus North Justin Cooper Matt Joyce Crawford County David Stewart Daleville Troy Dulaney East Noble Keith Hoffar Sam Riesen Evansville North Jon Spencer Billy Hewig Fort Wayne Snider Dave Mohr Mike Ester Franklin County Doug Deters Cody Phillips Hamilton Southeastern Kyle Poyer Nick Brobst Hanover Central Michael Taborski Heritage Hills Troy Bell Hobart Alex Ramos Lawrenceburg Mark Kirchgassner Lawrence Central Thomas Johnson Lebanon Derek Bocock North Montgomery Maurice Swain Bryce McCoy Pike Central Billy Hewig Ryan McCain Princeton Michael Duckworth Southmont Kevin Wilkinson Union County Dan Briggs Dan Kelich Western Boone Matt Joyce Whiteland Dave Thompson Anthony Meister Wood Memorial John Thompson Yorktown Trent McCormick Zionsville Jared Williams Doug Welch
  3. Check this page frequently for updates on the studs that are entered at this year's IndianaMat Hoosier Preseason Open. For more information on the tournament follow click the link below. IndianaMat Hoosier Preseason Open Information Weight Name State Credentials 2017 IHPO 109 Alexzander Cottey(10th) Indiana State 2nd 109 Giovanni Diaz(11th) Indiana State 8th 109 Spencer Moore(9th) Kentucky State Qualifier 109 Alec Hunter(10th) Wisconsin State Qualifier 116 Jacob Moran(12th) Indiana State 1st 1st '16 116 Colton Drousias(11th) Illinois State 3rd, USAW Cadet Freestyle 4th 3rd 116 David Pierson(10th) Indiana State 4th 116 Gavinn Alstott(10th) Indiana State Qualifier 116 Ricky Hegedus(12th) Indiana State Qualifier 116 Caleb Hernandez(12th) Ohio State Qualifier 116 Jacob Reed(10th) Ohio State Qualifier 123 Jesse Mendez(9th) Indiana FloNationals 3rd, USAW Folkstyle 2nd 1st 123 Wyatt Riddle(11th) Ohio State 2nd, 4th 123 Raymond Riox(11th) Indiana State 3rd 123 Jake Canitano(12th) Ohio State 3rd 123 Gavin Ritter(12th) Ohio State 5th 1st 123 Logan Wagner(9th) Indiana State 8th 123 Kade Zadylak(12th) Indiana State Qualifier 123 Brayden Littell(11th) Indiana USAW Cadet Freestyle 6th 3rd '16 129 Hunter Watts(12th) Indiana State 1st 129 Brayden Palmer(12th) Tennessee State 1st, NHSCA Junior 5th 129 Riley Rush(10th) Indiana State 1st(Alaska) 129 Lleyton Taylor(12th) Florida State 2nd 129 Luke Dezember(12th) Tennessee State 4th 129 Brock Peele(12th) Indiana State 4th, 7th 129 Dylan Preston(10th) Kentucky State 6th 129 Nick Buchanan(11th) Indiana State 6th 129 Jabari Thomas(12th) Ohio State 7th 129 Coleton Wiegers(12th) Michigan State Qualifier 129 Ian Heath(10th) Indiana State Qualifier 129 Sam Schultz(11th) Missouri State Qualifier 135 Shane Williams(11th) Michigan State 4th 135 Seth Johnson(12th) Indiana State 4th 135 Logan Boe(11th) Indiana State 5th 135 Matt Gimson(12th) Indiana State 8th 135 Reese Rodriguez(12th) Indiana State Qualifier 135 Tyler Fuqua(10th) Indiana State Qualifier 141 Chase Yost(11th) Kentucky State 1st, 2nd, 4th 141 Alec Viduya(11th) Indiana State 1st, 4th 141 Wade Monebrake(12th) Ohio State 2nd 141 Jake Insko(11th) Kentucky State 4th 141 Conner Gimson(12th) Indiana State 5th 141 Bryer Hall(10th) Indiana State 6th,USAW Cadet Freestyle 4th 141 Geremia Brooks(12th) Indiana State 7th 141 Dylan Goudy(12th) Indiana State Qualifier 148 Joey Caprella(12th) Ohio State 5th 148 Ronan Wyatt(12th) Kentucky State 7th 148 Logan Sanom(11th) MIchigan State 8th 148 LJ Burdon(12th) Indiana State Qualifier 148 Jeremiah Herron(12th) Tennessee State Qualifier 155 Elliott Rodgers(11th) Indiana State 2nd 155 Brian Case(12th) Michigan State 3rd, 4th, 7th 155 Colton Blaha(11th) MIchigan State 8th 155 Ethan Hicks(12th) Indiana State Qualifier 155 Nick Gates(12th) Michigan State Qualifier 155 Justin Shaver(10th) Missouri State Qualifier 155 Brock Ellis(10th) Indiana State Qualifier, USAW Cadet Freestyle 4th 155 Andrew Donahue(9th) Indiana Super 32 MS 1st 163 David Ferrante(11th) Illinois State 4th, USAW Cadet Freestyle 3rd 163 Amar Thomas(12th) Ohio State Qualifier 163 Graham Calhoun(11th) Indiana State Qualifier, NHSCA Sophmore 1st 3rd 173 Cody Klettheimer(12th) Indiana State 7th 173 Justice Smith(11th) Ohio State Qualifier 173 Colin Jagielski(11th) Michigan State Qualifier 173 Jack Darrah(9th) Missouri USAW Cadet Greco 3rd 185 Andrew Shaffer(11th) Ohio State 7th 4th 185 Jalen Morgan(12th) Indiana State Qualifier 185 Gregory Zavalnitskiy(12th) Michigan State Qualifier 185 Tony Ornelas(10th) Kentucky State Qualifier 185 Trent Davis(12th) Ohio State Qualifier 185 Carson Brewer(12th) Indiana State Qualifier 1st 185 Evan Anderson(9th) Ohio Super 32 MS 1st 198 Stephen Buchanan(12th) Wisconsin State 1st 198 Darius Parker(12th) Florida State 2nd 198 Allan Powers(12th) Michigan State 4th 198 Silas Allred(11th) Indiana State 5th, USAW Cadet Folkstyle 1st 223 Kadin Kulmer(12th) Kentucky State 3rd 223 Kyle Cornwell(12th) Indiana State 5th 3rd 288 Levi Leffers(12th) Indiana State 6th 288 Alex Coleman(11th) Ohio USAW Cadet Freestyle 4th
  4. Y2CJ41

    Moves and Transfers

    There are others coming, with school starting they become more "official" now. It seems there has been a lot of movement in the offseason the past few years.
  5. As a part of a greater project we now have the brackets from every state tournament from 1985 until 2018. Please feel free to peruse these great brackets and point out any errors in names or spellings or results...or to praise me for the great work. The best way to view is use the sort and go by year. In the future it will be MUCH easier to navigate. I am hoping to add the other years soon. http://indianamat.com/index.php?/state_results.html/
  6. Y2CJ41

    Past State Brackets

    Fixed, thanks
  7. Y2CJ41

    Moves and Transfers

    Probably the biggest move is Manzona Bryant to Western Reserve Academy in Ohio.
  8. Y2CJ41

    Past State Brackets

    Thanks, looks like all the 7th place match result details are the same as the 5th place.
  9. Y2CJ41

    Past State Brackets

    2017 brackets are fixed, had an issue with my converter. Hopefully the other years aren't messed up.
  10. Y2CJ41

    Dan McCartney

    Dan was a great guy and one that left an impact on many people. Whether it's his smile or his good natured ribbing that I should have played summer baseball instead of riding horses, he will be missed. Attending his funeral today it was amazing how many people came to say good bye. He touched many lives and is one that we lost way too early.
  11. There is a lot going on here and the press articles are barely the tip of the iceberg.
  12. Y2CJ41

    Past State Brackets

    Thanks, it looks like many of the 2017 first round matches are not correct.
  13. Y2CJ41

    Clayton Fielden

  14. Who were the duals against?
  15. Y2CJ41

    Chad Williams

  16. Y2CJ41

    Past State Brackets

    fixed, thanks!
  17. Y2CJ41

    Matt Wills

  18. Y2CJ41

    Past State Brackets

    As previously stated, the 1984 brackets have some issues.
  19. Y2CJ41

    Past State Brackets

    It's fixed now
  20. Y2CJ41

    Past State Brackets

    Just a note the 1984 brackets are not correct. There is some issues with the logic since there was a pull through wrestle-back that was...fun to say the least.
  21. Y2CJ41

    Past State Brackets

    Those are all fixed now, thanks!
  22. Y2CJ41

    Past State Brackets

    1986 112lbs is working The others I need to check the brackets when I get home. Thanks for scanning them!
  23. Y2CJ41

    1984 98lbs

  24. IndianaMat wasn't around in 2007
  25. Y2CJ41

    Jamichael Watts


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