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Preseason Rankings are HERE!

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So, will rankings for team or otherwise be pay-to-play only for the upcoming season? I know that some tourneys like the Traicoff usually seed exclusively from Team Rankings. 

Further, are last year's team rankings generated unilaterally by IndianaMat or is there a voting committee/group that has influence?  

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Since 2011 our preseason rankings have been put out in a preseason magazine, this is nothing new.

After the preseason rankings they are all free. Nothing has changed in the past six years in that aspect.

We have had the same team ranking director since the inception of the website almost 9 years ago. He has done a great job and feel there is no need to have a committee. We saw what happened when uninformed people are on a "committee" voting for their buddies or schools that were good 10-20 years ago.

As far as the Traicoff goes, I'd ask Jim Wadkins directly as I do not know how he does the seeding.

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