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  1. Rensselaer wins 40 - 32 103 Thompson KV win FF 112 Davis KV win FF 119 Hickman RC MD 12-0 over Nava KV 125 Marich KV TF 5:22 over Kruhaj RC 130 Ringen RC Fall 5:52 over Mikovetz KV 135 Martin RC MD 9-1 over Tauber KV 140 Rensendez RC DEC 5-0 over Sutton KV 145 Roe RC TF 5:29 over Morrison KV 152 Northcutt RC Fall 3:13 over Bolen KV 160 Green RC Fall 5:05 over Schoonveld KV 171 Potts RC Fall 2:19 over Hershman KV 189 Berdine KV Fall 1:46 over Sypult RC 215 Erwin KV Fall 1:20 over Langley RC 285 Dalka KV DEC 7-1 over Salrin RC
  2. Bomber Wrestling

    Twin Lakes Invite 12-18-2010

    Does anyone have the complete Bracket results on each weight class on the tournament. I was trying to post the results and have misplaced our copy. I would greatly appreciate a email copy!! Thanks
  3. Bomber Wrestling

    Bomber Wrestling Season is officially open for business!

    Yes he is our HWT. John Fleming. Thanks for the nice comment. I was at the Bremen Game. Your community and team is outstanding. I think that was one of the best games I have ever witnessed. Both teams deserved to advance in the tournament! If you wrestle, I think we will see you at the Rochester Tournament this year? If not see you at the Semi-State. Good Luck!
  4. The Bomber Football Players had a wonderful season! Finished their season 13-1. It will be nice to see their faces in the wrestling room! Congratulations, Coach Lucero
  5. Bomber Wrestling

    who will make it to state from mville semistate?

    I would agree with Overby from Harrison. I would think if he is at 103 he will be in the hunt during the ticket round. And thanks for the info on Phillips. I watched his match against the kid from Michigan. Nice match. Even though he got beat by a better wrestler, I know he learned from that failure.
  6. Bomber Wrestling

    who will make it to state from mville semistate?

    Which school does Cody Phillips wrestle? I know he wrestles in the CIA Club. He was a 103 pounder?
  7. Bomber Wrestling

    who will make it to state from mville semistate?

    If Hickman makes it down to 103 from Rensselaer. He will be in the running.
  8. Bomber Wrestling

    39 Days!!!!!

    I agree! I am ready to get started!
  9. Bomber Wrestling

    Wrestling Mat!

    I know that Rensselaer Central had 2 sections on a mat for sale. Contact Kenny Hickman, AD for Rensselaer @ 219-866-5175.
  10. Bomber Wrestling


    All Logansport Regional Wrestlers will get a 1 lbs allowance Saturday due to Benton Central dismissing class a few minutes ago. I just recieved the notice from the Logansport Tournament Director.
  11. Bomber Wrestling


    The Bomber Wrestlers will be prepared on Saturday to wrestle 6 + minutes. We will do our talking on the mat. Good Luck to all.
  12. Bomber Wrestling

    Twin Lakes Sectional Rankings/Results Final Updated

    I agree with you on your point Hogleg! Hope to see you at the Sectional Saturday!
  13. Rensselaer Central is selling one our their mats. They are selling it via Ebay, as item #120523518899. Also is you have specific questions, please call Kenneth Hickman @ 219-866-5175, Ext. 220, or email him at kenneth.hickman@rcsc.k12.in.us
  14. Bomber Wrestling

    Best Hospitality Rooms Ever

    Maybe you all should make up a Hospitality Room Cookbook and sell it on Indianamat.com???? LOL Nice comments everyone!
  15. Bomber Wrestling

    "J.V. State"

    Results are posted on Results page now. Thanks to all who attended! A great day 24 teams 240 wrestlers. We started close to 9:30 and finished up at 3:30.

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