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  1. Thank You for this post. More people are becoming aware of the concept of student/athlete. My experience is exactly as you describe. We taught our children to use sports as a vehicle to help take you into and through the real world. My children never planned on careers in professional sports unless it was as a professional sports statistician. My son graduated from the University of Chicago(DIII Wrestling) with a degree in Economics with a Minor concentration in statistics. A combination of hard work in the class room and on the mat in high school open up this opportunity to be accepted at U of C. He is currently gainfully employed in the Finance world in Los Angeles and still dreaming of one day being a statistician for a major professional sports franchise, but not a professional player. Wrestling took him from point "A" to point "B" (College) point "B" to Point "C" (Great Job) to Point "D"(Future Statistics JOB) to Point E F G..... and so on. Once Again THANK YOU James D, Schoettle Sr
  2. Most coaches hate them because they are dangerous. They are very effective for a needed 6 points. You will have a lot of success with a full headlock series but will need a lot more to win a state title. You are a fool if you regard it as junk. Smart wrestlers respect its lethal and legal pinning components. Some natural skills are required to be an effective head locker.
  3. Your ok Deondre. A very respected coach once told me you are allowed to do back flips and do a victory dance after and only after you win a state title. In your case 2 State Titles. After that, though, it is time to start preparing for what comes next. Job well done young man. A little passion is a great thing. Good Luck in the Future. Respectfully Jim Schoettle Sr
  4. Whoa down Big fella ! I never mentioned any kids names and never would. This is the adult behavior that I am looking at. If I present examples about cheating I would have to involve kids names and I will not do that. Hell the kids do not even know what is going on. Hell I did not know what was going on until I spent seven years inside of the Perry Program. So please do not lump me in with calling kids out. I am calling out the adults. Just look in the mirror and ask yourself if your doing the right thing for ALL kids and considering how your behavior affects them. Respectfully Jim Schoettle
  5. Yeah Right Dave !!! And Perry has never recruited or Cheated. Have a nice Day Dave. ;)5 pages and counting. GO Irish !!!~!~!~! Respectfully Jim Schoettle. We can talk later Matt. Please enlighten Dave on the capital "S"
  6. And I said you were smart. Matt would you like to explain what the capital "S" is about or should I tell that story. LOL Have a nice day Thornton ----- Not too civil for a school teacher Respectfully Jim Schoettle
  7. We will take this private cuz'. We look forward to talking about what happened and why we left Perry. Jimmy respects you also and does believe you had his best interest at heart. Some did not. Respectfully Jim Schoettle
  8. Zach Thanks for making my point about recruiting and cheating, what Perry is really best at. Your the real class of PERRY MERIDIAN. Sorry coach this Schoettle just calls them as he sees them. Just my opinion right Zach. Thats Jim Schoettle with a capital "S"----- Cathedral 72' GO IRISH !!!!!!! Back on Topic You can find me on the cafeteria Wall of Fame------ WOW!!!!!!!
  9. Hell Dave read your own post. It is seething with arrogance. I guess you can not teach an old teacher new tricks. I will think about elaborating and may expound later. Gotta Go. Respectfully Jim Schoettle
  10. Dave I think I ask you not to mention names. Now you have gone an done it. Holy Ship. Do I need to elaborate. Can it while your ahead. Respectfully Jim Schoettle
  11. Dave C.S. Lewis was referring to Pride as Conceit and being self centered. Full of one self. Pride was the root of all other sin and crime. Lewis might say we only exist and succeed at God's will. I am irritated with the bragging,"conceit" not the accomplishments. Sorry to say Dave your program is no exactly squeaky clean. You no I will not discuss this by mentioning specific names. I will not blame the kids for what adults are promoting. Unfortunately kids get caught in the middle sometimes. You seem to have blinders on. Maybe we can discuss my laundry list of unethical behaviors sometime. Not right now and maybe not on this board. Back on subject here: I voted for my old Alma mater-- Cathedral to score the most placement points. That is all it is. Yes they have an unfair advantage but isn't that what your coaches are looking for too. ? Franklin is the real deal #1 team in the state and as far as I can tell, they did it with true home grown talent. Bob Hasseman has outclassed them all. Kudos Coach Hasseman. Respectfully Jim Schoettle
  12. . Dave Just messing with you. I know you are smart guy. I enjoy the intellectual banter from you. Especially when it comes to your passion, Mathematics. Not really my strongest subject B+ maybe. Now sociology or physiology those are the subjects I like to study. Why societies and people in general act the way they do?? Your a little arrogant no offense intended.C.S. Lewis once said that mans greatest sin and downfall was "Pride" and I believe that. I know with your current situation you believe that too. Please encourage your brethren to not be too prideful and a little more humble. I pray daily and I do not know if you are a man of prayer . I shall keep you in my prayers. NOW let the Banter continue. Respectfully Jim Schoettle-------- Thats Sr.- not be mistaken for Jr. That Jimmy thing on my screen was Joe's Idea
  13. Zach I happen to own three other properties all in Center Grove. I pay 4x the taxes in Johnson County than I do in Marion. I did move to Johnson county,But decided to take my Perry house off of the market because of a bad real estate market. If you would like to visit me in Johnson county we could arrange that. Besides as has been stated you can live were you want by the current rules and it was that way when we moved. My beef is all the bragging about Blue Rings and State titles built by stacking the deck. The last time I checked this was sanctioned as an individual competition. Let's give all the kids their due, including Perry's and stop all the chest pounding about Team Prowess and Blue Rings. A little Humility ---Please Respectfully Jim Schoettle
  14. For your entertainment Mr. Bradley ;D ;D ;D Glad we could liven up this board. Respectfully Jim Schoettle
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