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  1. 106:Red 113:Micic 120:Wilson 126:Crume 132:Lecount 138:Forte 145:Molloy 152:Farrell 160:McCloskey 170:Stevenson 182:Hurford 195:Sliga 220:Hernandez 285:Bernard Winning school: Pm 108 Runner up Yorktown 56 Bob Bernard Address: 5436 Burgess Ave, Indpls, In, 46219 Email: bb73779@yahoo.com
  2. I think it's only right they add Cathedral to the football schedule
  3. This coming from the people who cloud the integrity of the entire Connersville Spartan Classic with their blind draw (lol) that had every Spartan wrestler wrestling underclassmen with weak records to open the tourney, while Cathedral, Roncalli and ER went head to head several times in the first 2 rounds. It's been done for 2 years in a row now, so do you really want to talk ethics???
  4. This isn't directed towards Cody at all, but I see alot of people throwing up current credentals, and the last I checked plenty of people with amazing talent have failed when it comes to college, growing up, maturing to the point to keep them on top and to utalize their surperior talent. If they loose that drive, desire, work ethic, love for what your doing, then you wont stay on top very long at the next level!!
  5. Lance hipped Wilson to get him coming out in front and then hit that nasty lateral and split open Wilsons eyebrowe, and yes Wilson had just took Eliis dowwn, and the crowd went nuts for Wilson, so Lance clapped his hands and looked around at the crowd going back to the middle as to say "watch what I'm about to do"! The crowd hated Coach Rhoades & Cathedral, but had a love affair with Lance Ellis...
  6. At 113lbs Harvey beat Belden earlier this year in a match so I'm not sure how much of a upset this would be..
  7. Check out the team champions of Swimming, Tennis, Cross Country, Golf etc.. all in a lot of ways individule sports somewhat and yes most all dominated by the same teams year in and year out. Why do people have such a tough time with programs with such traditions it's just the nature of the beast, and are we now getting to a generation where everyone has to be the champ at sometime or another? Some programs just have the best coaches, system, out of season clubs ,and kids and parents that's buying into that system that breeds winning and success!!
  8. Yeah he's been somewhat of a drifter, I think he was at Lowell last year if I'm correct...
  9. MOGILLIS, You must have made a mistake grabbing my quote with your statement as I never said anywhere above "Knura would dominate", please read my quote below again. Also understand Trey Reese last years undefeated state champ @215lbs wrestled the same schedule Knura has wrestled this year, and my statement is simply Knura is of the same caliber of Robinson and Kral and my only concern with these match ups is with Knura's conditioning. The last time Knura had a chance to wrestle Kral was at last years Tricoff, but Kral's coach chose to avoid that match up...Good Luck to all these 220lbs!!!
  10. Agreed, maybe a better way to have handled this would have been to have given Coach Peck TerryTiptons name, because as the saying goes two wrongs dont make a right!! Y2 does a great job promoting our sport and puts endless hours into this, but he's also like the abusive powerlord J Edgar Hoover of this messageboard, lol
  11. Keith Knura should not be overlooked he is as good a wrestler as Robinson, Kral and the rest of the strong 220lbs, but his conditioning at Connersville was suspect and that is the only weakness I have seen with him, but if he is ready to go for 6 minutes he is my favorite at this weight!! JMO 8)
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