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    All have opinions "Thats why we wrestle the match"
  1. Big Hawaiian


    Nate Moore also beat Jake O'Brien his senior year at 215lbs in the Marion County Tourney, which made him the best 189lbs & 215lbs in the state that year! So how do you not include him, Jake made the cut???
  2. Big Hawaiian

    New Castle Semi-State Rankings Final

    Zach, Jaylen Clark 215lbs of LC is done because of injury, and they have entered a kid in the sectional who wasn't seeded. Hope this helps...
  3. Big Hawaiian

    *Official* Undefeated Wrestlers List

    Roddreck Harris 215lbs Northwest High School 17-0
  4. Big Hawaiian

    M.I.C Top 4 Picks ?

    Not sure of the first 2 matches mentioned but Carmichael vs Dycus should be good both are great kids, but I have to go with Carmichael I think Dycus cutting weight may effect him at this point of the season... Just my prediction...
  5. I do not think it will be made up either....
  6. Big Hawaiian

    coaching question.....

    I also think he still has his little lake house on Princess lake John & Zack, and Marsha still comes back and works the spring State Freestyle & Greco tournaments.
  7. Big Hawaiian

    Most improved - Sam Tasseff

    I would agree thats a great staff and their coachmanship ;D is 2nd to none, and Sam is a great young man and mom is the glue behind the scene !
  8. Big Hawaiian

    Unranked wrestlers with over 30 wins

    Just wondering where is West Central and who were Bryce's 3 losses to? Also has he beat any ranked wrestlers?
  9. Big Hawaiian

    Dave Thornton, Perry Meridian

    Dave, Your in my heart and prayers and I hope to be able to visit you at a point that's good for you and your family!! You beat Kilamajaro and I'm sure your will and strentgh will prevail again... Your friend, Bob & Wes
  10. Big Hawaiian

    New Castle Semi-State Rankings Final

    Zack, Cosaro is back at 140lbs...
  11. Big Hawaiian

    Mid Season Transfer

    I feel sorry for the kids that are doing the right things and staying out of trouble. To have this attention taken away from them and the focus on people finding ways around rules (maybe)! What happened to kids who had to go home and face dad for their offenses, instead of parents who are running interfearance for them?
  12. Big Hawaiian


    I think as wrestler A who has wrestler B in the air, wrestler A has to return wrestler B with control back to the mat as not to slam. Sorry that was a slam, and wrestler A's only intention was to slam and showed no control of wrestler B in returning him to the mat. :
  13. Big Hawaiian

    Cathedral Six Way 1-15-11

    The match was 3-0 and Bernard went for a couple throws late that did not work Mofield wins 10-2. Team score was tied and they were the final match!
  14. Big Hawaiian


    You'd da Man
  15. Big Hawaiian


    rdrodd1, You said it all, lol Nevermind ;D

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