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  1. Thanks Navy. We all lost about 25 IQ points from your original post. Very much appreciated!!
  2. Yes, I second this! Tryouts were last weekend, right? Excited to see the rosters!!
  3. I can see both sides. Personally, I lacked mental maturity as a 17-18 yr old and could have used another year at home. And that has nothing to do with wrestling. Another consideration undersized freshman not only lack size, they lack testosterone. But some kids are ready and wrestling only lasts so long, so focusing on education is best for some. But I agree that each family’s decision is their own. And regardless of what they decide, it really isn’t anybody else’s business.
  4. An 87 lber wrestling a 106 (that most likely walks around at 110) is equal to a 145 wrestling a 175 lber. Giving up 20% of body weight.
  5. MackG

    County Stats

    There is no doubt that Hendricks County has had very impressive results. And it is on the rise. State placers the last 6 years: 1, 9, 11, 12, 12, 13. And we all know the champs they have produced. This is great for everyone in the state because it motivates everyone to get better. I do know some people in Hendricks County wrestling that don’t fit this mold, so this doesn’t count for everyone... but the boastful attitude of certain folks is very motivating as well. Keep the hashtags coming. Please and thank you. Delaware County has fallen off some, as has St. Joe. Lake County has dropped too, but I think that will change in the next few years with the youth wrestlers they have in the pipeline. Coach Hawk is the man.
  6. MackG

    County Stats

    Top 6 Counties in State Placers, 2019 Marion- 18 Hendricks- 13 Lake- 6 Elkhart- 6 Vanderburgh- 5 Hamilton- 5 Hendricks pound for pound winner, but still does not overtake Marion County.
  7. Interesting. I did not know that. But 1 second in College vs 2 seconds in High School could be a consideration in reviewing falls in HS.
  8. Ah but see, we COULD do something about it in the future by having a new rule to review errant calls. There would have to be a limit to reviews, but that’s why they have been installing this rule in many sports at many levels. Refs are humans and humans make errors.
  9. This is what it says in the rulebook: ART. 1 . . . A fall occurs when any part of both shoulders or both scapula of either wrestler are in contact with the mat for two seconds. The two seconds (one-thousand-one, one-thousand-two) shall be a silent count and shall start only after the referee is in position to observe if a fall is imminent. A fall is imminent when any part of both shoulders or both scapula of either wrestler are in contact with the mat. The shoulders or scapula must be held in continuous contact with the mat. A fall terminates wrestling. (Photos 5-6) Per the rules.... this was clearly an errant call.
  10. I disagree re: the pic. Agree on the ref not taking a look. Should verify position and that two seconds have passed. Neither happened. The angle of the torso is tilted upward to the left side.
  11. Again. Not taking anything from Asa... but if anything, that pic proves that the ref was not in position to see if Viduya’s left shoulder/scapula is down, and it suggests that his left side was, in fact, not down. Further, the still photo accurately represents the amount of time the ref took to count what was supposed to be a two count. Basically, he took no time at all because he never verified that both sides were down and there was exactly one second between the time that Viduya was in the position that the pin was called in and the mat was smacked. In that second, the ref went from being on his feet to smacking the mat. One second. The rule is a two count. Yes, filthy, filthy cradle. But there is no rule that says if somebody hits a filthy cradle on you that you are automatically pinned. Wrestling Scholar, we absolutely should be discussing this. Because the whole point is that kids who work hard all season to make the finals should be protected from errant officiating by a Review Official at the head table.
  12. I should have prefaced this thread by stating that my intention wasn’t to take anything away from Asa. I apologize if anyone took it that way. He is clearly a great, great wrestler, and that cradle was a mega eye-popper. Rooting for him and all the other seniors headed to Bloomington!! Excited to see that the future will bring!! Go Hoosiers!!
  13. Well I guess if you thought Viduya was pinned you’d maybe think that Rodgers was pinned here. Correct me if I am wrong, but a pin is shoulders/scapulae down for 2 seconds. Touch pin is freestyle, not folkstyle. Am I wrong about this?
  14. When I asked “was the ref in position?”... I meant did he see the scapulas on the mat for two seconds? Which is the rule. Watching the video on Track.... :49 cradle is in position the pin was called in and the ref is up on his feet... by the time :48 hits the clock he is smacking the mat. Assuming he had full view even if he saw it when he was up on his feet, it still couldn’t have been a two count. And when they release, you can see vidyua’s left shoulder was on top of garcia’s chest. This is the type of call that needs to be reviewed, imho
  15. Was the ref in a position where he could see if the scapula was down?
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