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    Fabio is my hero
  1. Tubbyscambler

    Elkhart Memorial & Elkhart Central Merger

    I believe the sports merger happens in the next 2 years and the teams will combine. So if there's 2 people at the same weight a wrestle off is a must.
  2. What are your thoughts or feelings on this? How do you think their team will do? I personally think they'll have a few studs come out and make a state appearance after the merger.
  3. Tubbyscambler

    Goldman had enough time?

    It's not always the coach it possibly the kids and the conference that have put them in a bad position as far as program success.
  4. Tubbyscambler

    Kasper McIntosh: 6th in Indiana

    Can't forget Freshman Clayton Lundy, Semi-state qualifier and took 6th at this tournament. Huge accomplishment from this freshman.

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