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  1. HoosierWrestlingClub

    Hoosier RTC 9/1 10:00am

    Hoosier RTC will have RTC practice Saturday 9/1 for those who qualify. Location: Assembly Hall Indiana wrestling room
  2. HoosierWrestlingClub

    RTC's Still Running?

    Hoosier RTC will be running all summer. We currently have 20 guys in the room. We need more high school kids to take advantage of this opportunity. The best kids in the country train in college rooms consistently
  3. HoosierWrestlingClub

    Hoosier RTC

    RTC practice today 5/17/18 time has been changed to 4pm.
  4. HoosierWrestlingClub

    Hoosier RTC

    Hoosier RTC will not have practices this week.
  5. HoosierWrestlingClub

    Hoosier RTC

    This week Hoosier RTC schedule will be Tomorrow Wednesday April 18th @ 6pm and Saturday April 21st @ 2 pm. We hope to see you there and we want to continue to help develop Indiana high school athletes!
  6. HoosierWrestlingClub

    Hoosier RTC

    What a great room! Full college team plus high school hammers. Brayton Lee, Ty Mills, Graham Rooms, Cayden Rooks, and Logan Bailey! We hope to see more high school kids at our next practice.
  7. HoosierWrestlingClub

    Hoosier RTC

    Hoosier RTC will be hosting practice tomorrow Wednesday April 11th from 6-7:30. It is free for all high school athletes that meet USA wrestling criteria (RTC criteria is attached). This is a great opportunity for high school kids to wrestle with Indiana wrestling team. Coach Escobedo will be running practice and he looks forward to helping the state of Indiana continue to develop. RTC practice will be in the wrestling room in the basement of Assembly Hall. Address is 1001 E. 17th Street Bloomington, IN 47408. Please enter in the front doors and there will be a wrestler from Indiana University to show you directions. Go Hoosiers RTC-criteria.pdf
  8. Good Afternoon coaches and wrestlers, Our first official RTC practice was great and we want to continue to get more high school kids in the room. This is a perfect opportunity for high school wrestlers to get better as they will be able to practice with the Indiana wrestling team. We will have two practices this week as we know wrestlers are getting ready for super 32 and other preseason tournaments. First practice will be tomorrow Tuesday (10/3) at 5:30pm, second practice will be Thursday (10-/5) at 5:30pm. Practices are free with a USA wrestling card!!! Check below to see if you qualify for these practices RTC-criteria (1).pdf
  9. HoosierWrestlingClub

    Hoosier RTC practices

    Good evening coaches and wrestler, Hoosier Regional Training Center would like to invite you to our first RTC practice this Thursday, September 28th @5:30pm. Practice will be held in the IU wrestling room, 1001 E 17th St, Bloomington, IN 47408. Attached below is the critera to be able to participate in our RTC practices We look forward to seeing you there! Go Hoosiers!!! RTC-criteria (1).pdf

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