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  1. I'm just saying that the injury (and possibly an undiagnosed concussion) definitely hindered his performance. Obviously White can beat Slivka as we've seen in the past and you may be right that Slivka would have won either way but I think we can all agree that the White vs Cummings match will send home one kid who should be a high placer.
  2. White was profusely bleeding from his head on Saturday which is why he had that overtime match and I believe he would have beaten Slivka in the finals if it hadn't been for the injury. This is really the worst draw I think I've ever seen considering they are both seniors and they are both D1 level guys.
  3. Other bad Friday night matches: 106Lowery vs Herring (106 senior could be done early) 113 Rose vs Horty 120 Mejia vs DeMein 120 Noehre vs Mills (that quarter bracket is just no fun for any of them) 132 Smiley vs Tolin 138 Rumph vs Sellmer (Saturday morning) Semifinals matches that should be in the finals: 113 Viduya vs Garcia 126 White/Cummings vs G. Rooks 132 Bailey vs Reitz (Bailey might be a four time 3rd placer) 152 Hatch vs Lee 170 Van Horn vs Webster (Saturday Morning) 182 Davison vs Walton 220 Parris vs Larsons (not that it matters anyways sorry Avon fans) HWT Ellis vs Ripple
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