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  1. I don't have much input on favorites or surprises, but wanted to say they delayed the start time by two hours. It starts at 11 am at Mooresville HS.
  2. There does seem to be a definite flaw, as you described, in basing it strictly on total number of head-to-head wins, which is what the IHSAA training materials say, without considering match-ups within the bracket (like where Adamson beat Drake at 145 and Shoemaker and Mosconi beat King at 120 but had fewer total head-to-head wins). Off topic a bit, but how do you know your kids are not the second best wrestlers, as you stated, if they haven't wrestled head to head with the higher seeded wrestlers? I don't have a pony in the race, just making an observation. I guess I'm bothered by the in
  3. Great, detailed analysis! Based on the info given in the other thread (titled Sectional Seeding) ... shouldn't the seedings for the 120, 126, 145, 152 weight classes (and maybe others) be based on head to head wins within the bracket? I mention these weight classes because those were the ones affected by both Mosconi kids and Coyle moving weight classes. So, for example, in looking at the wrestler details for 120 (assuming all the info is in there), Keaton Fisher would be #1 seed because he has 5 head to head wins, Cox would be #2 seed because he has 4 head to head wins, King would be #3 s
  4. I didn't see it live but was watching on ihsaa tv. It looked like Red was already running off the mat before time expired. I know they gave Lee a point for an escape but why wasn't Red called for fleeing and Lee awarded another point? It would have gone into overtime.
  5. Do the finals start at 7:30 on the dot or could it be sooner depending on consolations?
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