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    I hate baby Yoda
  1. Does anybody know if you have to make scratch weight twice this year ??? Once before the new year and once after ?? Please help
  2. Conference is right around the corner who's everybody's pick to win...
  3. What do you think will be the best matchups this year?? And what do you think wil be the deepest wieght class?
  4. Anybody heard how T.E.C teams are doing so far season I know its early but still....I know tri and Hagerstown are at Hagerstown this Saturday...should be a good test with some Indy schools and a really good Shenandoah team...
  5. Heard a rumor that decker is out with shoulder injury?? Anybody know if there is any truth to this??
  6. Seed meeting tonight...who's everybody's picks and anybody see any upsets happening ?
  7. coach123


    I think Blavk will have a say in how some things go...very good freshman. Black*
  8. Centerville won 48-28 not sure how the matches went though..
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