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  1. So, who are the TEC stand outs this season? I know Prescott, Williams, Minges, should be contenders for a TEC title. Who else?
  2. WOW!! Is all I can say, Shenandoah LOOKED GOOD and TOUGH!!! way to go team Levi !!!! Those kids left it all on the mat. Again great job. Now on the other hand Winchester and Union City, are pretty young teams. Both schools looked Ok, but need more mat time. Winchesters Prescott, Williams, and Campbell looked good. There was some great wresling for sure. Union City's team had a few forfiets, and that makes it tough to over come. Both schools should improve greatly.as the season goes on. Can anyone state how other TEC schools faired? Thanks
  3. Want to send prayers to all the Shenandoah wrestlers, coaches, staff, and Levi's family. So sorry, for your lose. May he RIP. Good luck to all the wrestlers, on 11/28.
  4. Shenandoah Super Six 11/28, Predictions ?
  5. Tri Eastern Conference (TEC) will be held at Union City. Teams are: Centerville Hagerstown Lincoln Northeastern Tri Union City Union County Winchester
  6. Yes I know the top 4 of each weight class advance. So who's the top 4 or even top 2 in each class movin on??????
  7. I was wondering where bigmac has been this year to. I like to read his comments on the TEC even though some were wrong at times
  8. I agree on that one for sure!!! And they will be in the finals in several weight classes too prolly. They have one great progam. I do think there could be some surprises to.
  9. My mistake, I was thinking Delta sectionals. Again my bad
  10. Reddevilfan3, I am not positive but I think you got the wrong sectional. Richmond, C-ville, Tri, Norhteastern, and most others you picked are not in Shenandoahs Sectional. I believe.
  11. TEC is 1/24/15, So who's got any predictions and at what weights? My thoughts on a couple are, 138 - Prescott. W/C 195 - Cook, Tri 220 - Hangen, W/C 285 - Minges, Union Co.
  12. I heard the Charlie Hilton Inv. thats at Richmond, will be at Centerville this year? Being at a smaller school does anyone know if there is less schools or something and what time on Friday does it start? Thanks
  13. So who's got any ECIC predictions for Saturday? Good luck to all wrestlers over the Holidays and Happy Holidays to all. And wondering what's up with all the dodging (weight dropping or jumping, example being one match at one weight and the next at another then back all in the same day) this year? Seems like there is been more this year, than in years past
  14. I get that. Now on to the next item, who's where in the TEC this weekend and any good match ups?
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