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  1. This thread has definitely battled back and forth the subject of "who's better, Hinkel's boilers or Ersland's Boilers". I'm not sure if this weekend B1G Championships prove that one way or another, but putting all that aside I want to give a quick shout out to our Boilers! 5 on the podium, 5 wrestlers placing above their seeds and 8 to the NCAA's is leaps and bounds better than they have done in quite some time. 8 qualifiers ties an all-time high at Purdue! Still tremendous room for improvement in the area of team placing and getting our athletes higher on the podium, but again a much bett
  2. Great article. I don't disagree that 'ignorance' and fear of the unknown is the reason a lot of folks don't wrestle greco. With that said, can you recommend an online resource for folks who would like to learn more about greco?
  3. A bump for Sunday. Please send me your registration info ASAP. I do want to throw out there that we will have an IHSAA licensed official for all high school matches. Hope to see you there!
  4. Wabash County Wrestling Club thfield High School, Wabash Indiana Sunday, March 1st 2015 All wrestlers are encouraged to pre-register on or by Friday evening at 10:00 pm. Email the wrestlers name, club, age as of 12/31/14 and actual weight on an excel spreadsheet to spenningtonjr@yahoo.com . Clubs will be charged $2.00 for a no show wrestler. For those who can’t pre-register, there will be a weigh in the morning of the tournament from 6:30-8:00 am. Closing PROMPTLY at 8:00 am. Wrestlers that pre-registered must be checked in by 8:00 am Sunday morning!! Medals ~ 1st – 3rd Place
  5. To me the Boilers wrestled much better than I saw in the last couple duals. They were a few close ones but most were understandable. Unranked Chad Welch wrestled his butt off against #15 Jackson and ended up with a nice upset win. I also feel that Gelen wrestled very against the more experienced Goldman and unfortunately lost that one in OT. The other OT match was Atwood/Sheridan. Not sure if that match necessarily should have went to OT, but Braden really turned it on at the end and ended up winning his last ever match at Holloway and on senior night as well. The Robinson/Walsh match was
  6. I think the answer is YES. But I feel as if Coach Ersland needs more than a few months to do it or to have people judge him as to whether he did or didn't! I feel the real indicator as to whether he will make a transformation cannot be truly answered until the team is more "his" team. Right now we are seeing his ability to coach, lead and improve kids that were/are a product of the previous coaching staff. He has already attracted some great recruits for next year and he will for the following I'm sure. For me, I'm excited to see what kind of team he builds in the next couple years, then
  7. That would be pretty great! On a different note, with one exception I though the Boilers looked much better and quite a bit more aggressive in their 22-13 victory over the Spartans Sunday. I was really glad to see it. I'm looking forward to the butt whipping they will hand the Hoosiers Friday night!
  8. That's disappointing. Thanks for checking into it for me.
  9. Have you heard anymore about the possibility of getting this dual moved?
  10. I must admit, I was very disappointed yesterday as well. The Boilers had 8 stalling calls against them which is pretty hard to swallow. (I won't bash any of the athletes by name, I don't like it when people do that) I do agree that they have had some HUGE bright spots this year and I would also agree that they are better than last year's team, but to me 7 or 8 of them should have came off the mat unhappy with their effort, not because they won or lost...but I have to believe when the watch the film they will be equally as disappointed with what all they didn't do out there. On a side n
  11. I decided to take a 'stab' at a preview and I must say I have much more respect for the guys that do this regularly. This was no easy task, but admittedly lots of fun! Fellas this is just my opinion and if I don't have your kid in the top four I promise that doesn't mean I hope he loses!! I just wanted to toy with writing a preview and I did enjoy it. Good luck to everyone tomorrow!! 106 This class showcases a couple of strong young men at the top and bottom of the bracket in Deardorff from North Miami and Lechner from Western. They will meet in the finals and a year more experie
  12. He was definitely gassed yesterday against the big kid from Illinois but my God is he BIG. Wow, quite a difference in the last year. He is going to do great stuff if he sticks with it no doubt.
  13. That's a pretty good source!! Illinois HWT isn't ranked either so this will be a great way to start his career off for the boilers! I can't wait to see him wrestle Sunday!
  14. He's listed as probable and has both HWT's on the roster. Do you know for sure Coach Ersland will use him over Tyler this weekend?
  15. The Boilers travel to OSU tonight and then are at home against Illinois on Sunday and they have Gelen listed on their probable line up!! I will be very anxious to see if they will use give him the nod over Kral.
  16. I want to give a shout out to the Whitko Staff for running one of the better youth wrestling tournaments I've ever been too. 100% of their 'stuff' was together and ready to well before start time and the trackwrestling was so nice. Again, really great tournament. Frank and Casey, very well done!
  17. Heckathorne/Moore will be quite a match at 132. I'm gonna have to go with Moore on that one.
  18. That's funny stuff right there!
  19. Agreed...Quite a team effort and a great win. Atwood and Sabatello did look fantastic and I must admit, Kissel handling Sliga the way he did kind of surprised me as well.
  20. I was sure hoping that this winter would be different than last year. We haven't had school for 3 days and Superintendent said it's a "no".
  21. Friendofrunningwriter Thank you for that. I fell into that category that would have taken kids not knowing...
  22. I too was disappointed to see the dual scheduled on the Friday night of our State tournament. Just doesn't make sense
  23. Yes, I was very young when it came out and I learned Mr. Swain's excellent strategy to burn a quick 200 calories.
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