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  1. Starts Jan 16th at the Regal Coldwater Crossing Theaters on Washington Center Rd http://www.fandango.com/foxcatcher_166453/movietimes?date=1/16/2015
  2. I have 2 all session tickets. I. am in. indy. My son lost and my daughter and I are going home in the morning, 260.341.6722
  3. Thanks Joe. Can you tell me where I can find that kind of info. I have typed up what was given to me of Northrop's records, for the school, and they do not list of former State Qualifiers, Only mentioned that we had 4 qualifiers in 1996. Also I have that Ricky Barrett was class of 2007. Would really like to get things updated properly!!
  4. I believe Logan is the first since 1996 that FW Northrop had anyone at the state finals.
  5. Due to Wayne HS not willing to wrestle a rescheduled meet, canceled due to the storm. Fort Wayne Northrop is looking to pick up a match Wed 1/22 or Thur 1/23. Willing to travel an hour radius. Please Contact Head coach Bruce Ojeda at 260-385-9402 or Athletic Director Robert Shank 260-467-2304
  6. If we are talking about the "loud conversation" at the SAC Team Tourney last season. I beg to differ with you that no kids were involved, I am a Northrop mother, who watched 3 Northrop Seniors intervene, and step in front of Mr Neeley, and push him back and calm him down, because they were concerned of the escalating nature of the situation!!
  7. I am glad you guys have it all figured out where Aldrich will be at...............Cause I live with the boy and as far away as season is, we still have no clue!!!
  8. http://www.nwcaonline.com/nwcawebsite/best-of-brand-battle-rounds
  9. Please do not forget to vote!! Only a few hrs left and you can vote 1x per hour!! Our Indiana Tech wrestlers just a few votes behind UNC!!
  10. How Dare you SamDad belittle any wrestlers accomplishments on the mat!! SHAME ON YOU!!!! These KIDS went to a tournament that they had to qualify for and wrestled their hearts out!! They earned their places at a National Tournament, that any wrestler in the country could of entered in they placed in the top 8 of their state for this wrestling association! I for one am very proud of my sons accomplishments at NUWAY, and I thank 1oldwrestler for acknowledging them!!
  11. http://kenchertow.com/?page=summer_camp&id=191 Ken Chertow Camp June 12-16th.
  12. I have to 2nd that!! Congrats to Riley!! The Lefever's entire family are a class act!! Good luck next year at Wabash!!!
  13. yes summitcitysports.com is video. You can check out the website now and see the link ready for Saturday! Commentator will be Anton Talamantes.
  14. summitcitysports.com will be covering the finals in Fort Wayne also.
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