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  1. Not sure what went on at Charger Invite. A number of matches don't match what happened. By my quick count, Elkhart Memorial scored 24.5 more team points then it shows. That should have put them in second. Jimtown scored 11 team point less. Plus stated an hour late and changed the pools several times. What was going on there.
  2. Funny, I cannot ever remember Perry Meridian, EMD, Penn, or Warren Central, ever forfeiting a match at state.
  3. Ouch! That's a big indictment. And you are exactly right man!
  4. I think he's on the same side of this as u. He's just saying it was talked about privately among iswa people and that ain't fair. That makes it even a bigger prob because it was probably planned and that's unfair.
  5. Hmmm. Just going through track. Looks like cadet 132, cadet 152 and junior 120 have guys without 2 tourneys. This is some bs here.
  6. Sounds good. The iswa could clear this whole thing up with one post to iswa.com or the iswa Facebook page or IndianaMat. They aren't answering our emails so it mass confusion. A simple communication would go along way. Without more information, I wonder if folks will split.
  7. Some of these folks without two tourneys have likely already got hotel rooms. There are going to get really dinged in the pocketbook by the hotel when they don't use it plus have sent money on gas. The iswa needs to answer now.
  8. I'm literally peeing my pants reading the hypocrisy of this. 2 hours and 45 minutes for its Avon Calling to get to Ft. Wayne. Yet they have no problem demanding everyone else come to their place?!??! Please read this board for the past few weeks and catch up. And the Collesium is a great venue. Oh, the horror! Avon will have to get hotels rooms. Give me a break. Join the club.
  9. Look, not every agrees on this. But folk style already gets plenty of attention. Just my opinion, but after high school season I think we should just focus on fs. I say get rid of folk style state for high school wrestlers.
  10. Could not agree more. I think people will be really mad if wrestlers without 2 tournaments are allowed to compete at state because someone waived the requirement. How will iswa validate that everyonje has two tournaments and is qualified?
  11. Should the north also offer its own bus trip to UNI?
  12. I posted this on another thread. What is fair to the kids? Requiring kids to participate in two tournaments when they don't have access to two tournaments in the north is not fair. This rule deliberately disenfranchises kids in northern Indiana. For those of you who live in and around Indy, imagine if the ISWA told you that you must drive and get a hotel in Evansville for folkstyle state, and come to Evansville for freestyle state, and then after you have spent all day at a Saturday Indianapolis high school tournament you need to drive to Evansville and back on a Sunday for a board meeting. And btw, we have changed the rules about qualifying for freestyle state so you must travel down to Evansville at least 2 more times this year to get local qualifying tournaments. And then when you voice concern about having to drive from your home in Indy to Evansville so many times and spend so much money, those responsible for creating the situation tell you the problem is that you don't participate enough and attend enough board meetings down in Evansville. That would be quite an insulting way to treat you.
  13. Don't know how close you are, but it takes us over 3 hours to get to Indianapolis. To wrestle in a iswa freestyle tournament in Indianapolis requires getting a hotel. NOt saying you're close, but we aren't either.
  14. Not many people in northern Indiana are feeling much love from the iswa these days. We've got the freestyle state qualification of 2 tourneys. Most people up north won't be able to qualify. Portage was added but that's same weekend as Iron Eagle. We were told the iswa would say something about this, but not a word. Now they show the bus trip to UNI for folkstyle nationals leaves Indianapolis but won't stop in northern Indiana. Big help for southern and central Indiana. No help for the north. What is happening?
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