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  1. Derek Roe will be a senior for Adams Central, I'm looking to see big things outta him!
  2. Great job Jared, but not gonna lie, I hated to see a headlock beat Kieffer in the finals. Hope he is alright.
  3. Actually I'm going to agree with you and put Gerber over Workman
  4. I was trying to find a way for him to get in, however I couldn't find away to fit him in with that draw. I do agree he deserves to be there though. ;D
  5. Top 4 in order: 103: Bevans, McKinley, Lee, Bowman 112: Phillips, Que, Walburn, Jolas 119: Roe, Carroll, George, Busz 125: Batt, Poynter, Crume, Gerber (toss-up with Workman and Gerber) 130: Barroquillo, Crume, Moreau, Echartea 135: Jackson, Bradley, Downey, Kohler 140: Meska, Vanhorn, Faurote, Marsh (healthy I take Faurote #1 any day) 145: Hiestand, Timmerman, Matteson, Schultz 152: Ehr, Schwartz, Lefever, Busse (upset) 160: Lefever, Conrad, Mahlan, Weber 171: Hankenson, Bratcher, Enrietto, Hosteler 189: Neff, Raypole, Evans, Striggle 215: Thatcher, Chalfant, Grub
  6. Some good picks, but also some sketchy picks (125, 215) just a couple.
  7. Higgins of Yorktown was beat out at regionals by Chantz Luginbill of Adams Central.
  8. Roe and Carroll was a great match!! I think it got me pumped up enough to win my match!
  9. I'm thinking him and Mahlan is a good match in the semis and they'll probably meet Ellinger in the finals.
  10. Haha my bad guys I was talking to a kid named Brock when I posted. Ya Garrett
  11. I think Chantz Luginbill should break the top 8. He has a lot of close matches with quality kids this year including a big win over ranked Brock Weber at the ACAC tourney this past weekend. Just another dark horse to kick around.
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