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  1. is there a place to follow the results
  2. It sucks to hear this..great kid and family..
  3. I heard it pays well and the hours aren't to bad.
  4. I always loved coming to this. Heck last year in Tyler'a bracket where he got his hip jacked,there was..Hughes..Cash...Fleener..Covaciu..Swank..Sturgill..Pruitt
  5. Do you think Joe will jump in the national rankings with his win over Brandon?
  6. I didn't know who he was. But I sure do now. Does he compete at nationals?
  7. Caught?? What was he running.... Wasn't it just a basic half that cash put Lee on his back with for the fall.
  8. It will be replayed on fox sport Indiana and fox sport Midwest Feb.23 at 8 pm ET and Feb.27 at 9 am ET.
  9. How about Gage on that single putting cj's foot up on his shoulder and still couldn't get red down. I've never seen someone not go down after that
  10. Joe has a link set upon state finals info that's tells the channels for fox sport indiana. But foxsport Indiana is replaying it again.I think this Monday night.
  11. Has to be cash. Only a handful of kid ever pinned all at state. Then tonight we had 3 do it.
  12. All pins. They doubted you but we knew. Way to get your 2nd
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