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  1. austin

    Fort Wayne with 4 Flo Americans

    geez thats a lot, thanks for the insight tho
  2. austin

    Fort Wayne with 4 Flo Americans

    why did jackson and tsirtsis both go down weight??
  3. austin


    same question
  4. austin

    Results from the In/IL allstar duels

    reece lefever won by tf?! dear lord
  5. austin

    most improved wrestler this year!

    i agree about george even though he does go to homestead..lol
  6. austin

    Teams Capable Being A Tough Team Next Year?(Teams To Watch Out For)

    snider better be ranked on those darn regional rankings
  7. austin

    Indiana - Illinois Projected/Invited Team Members

    what happened to boomsma? 8)
  8. austin

    Stevo can wrestle

    can you say...GRECO!
  9. austin

    next year contenders at

    to early to predict weights and improvements.
  10. austin

    upset of the year?

    1. boomsa loses to fuqua while up boomsa was up 7 2.snider winning sectionals from no where 3. delaney over ehr(senior and undefeated in first round of SS)
  11. u just earned a wahoo my friend.
  12. r u kidding me? he smashed pj montgomery from the very beginning!
  13. austin

    weight class changes?

    true but jeremiah harvey( the HWT champ) only wrestled for 2 years...just saying
  14. austin

    Dusty Kief

    what did he place at semi?

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