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    Avon Sectional

    There are a couple weights where 3 have a shot at making it to state. And due to falling to 4th there, a tough kid not even making it out of regional. Bring your A game.
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    Lee vs Red let the games begin!

    Flow has it as part of their Big10 connection.
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    Avon Sectional

    Avon, Ben Davis, Brownsburg, Danville, Greencastle, North Putnam, Pike, Plainfield, South Putnam, Speedway, Tri-West (22) Ranked Wrestlers 13 of 14 weight class is ranked (195)
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    County Stats

    Here are the numbers for State Champion Wrestlers per county over the last ten years: Marion: 19 Lake: 17 Porter: 7 Delaware: 7 Hendricks: 4 St. Joe: 4 Marshall: 4 Monroe: 4 Vanderburgh: 3 Johnson: 3 Elkhart: 3 Bartholemew: 3 Madison: 3 Johnson: 3 Elkhart: 3 Union: 2 Noble: 2 Warrick: 2 Hamilton: 1 Gibson: 1 Adams: 1 Kosciusko:1 Dearborn: 1 Adams:1 Allen: 1 Randolph: 1 Carroll: 1 Howard:1 Top Podium Spots taken per County, per capita over the last ten years: Union: 1 out of every 240 residents Marshall: 1 out of every 1,162 residents*** Delaware: 1 out of every 1,666 residents Dearborn: 1 out of every 1,666 residents Gibson: 1 out of every 1,694 residents Carroll: 1 out of every 2,083 residents Lake: 1 out of every 2,127 residents Porter: 1 out of every 2,439 residents Noble: 1 out of every 2,380 residents Hancock: 1 out of every 2,500 residents Randolph: 1 out of every 2,500 residents Hendricks: 1 out of every 2,702 residents Bartholomew: 1 out of every 2,777 residents Warrick: 1 out of every 3,225 residents Adams: 1 out of every 3,571 residents Monroe: 1 out of every 3,703 residents Marion: 1 out of every 4,000 residents Madison: 1 out of every 4,781 residents Johnson: 1 out of every 5,263 residents St. Joe: 1 out of every 5,555 residents Vanderburgh: 1 out of every 4,545 residents Elkhart: 1 out of every 7,142 residents Kosciusko: 1 out of every 8,333 residents Hamilton: 1 out of every 16,666 residents Allen: 1 out of every 83,333 residents (Counties in bold have had 3 or more State Champion Wrestlers in the last 10 years) (Numbers based on 2017 county population data) ***Marshall County is high as a result of Culver Academy, with a lot of out of state transfers. Individual Team State Champions per county over the last 10 years: Marion:6 St. Joe: 2 Lake: 1 Hendricks: 1
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    Trizton picked up wins 100-102 last evening after tech falling 27-3 solid opponent McCloud from North mont 20-5 to repeat as sagamore conference champion..McClouds only losses were by combined 6 points with one being 4-3 loss vs formerly #1 ranked NC SS ranked PJ sterrett and close loss to todd..Trizton is 23-0 on the season with 114 takedowns in 20 matches wrestled... Im so proud of this young man for his never surrender attitude and for over coming that horrific shoulder injury he had last season! We know the roads gonna get tougher with tourney time starting and Mr.Brewer on the horizon.. Regardless of what happens the kid is having a unreal season and career..I made a promise to my baby brother before he passed away that I would help trizton as much as I could and see to it he wrestles in college and i'm proud that will be a reality..I know y'all might get tired of me tooting the kids horn but he deserves it and has always embraced the underdog role and has never griped about the tough draws and matches he's endured especially last year the ticket round when his shoulder came out 3x vs Fuller while leading the whole match while wrestling with with 1 arm.. good luck to the rest of the wrestlers in their quest for Bankers!
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    Congrats young man. Great accomplishment !!!! Was always a big day when my boys hit the 100 mark. Best of luck here on out.
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    You are wrong about one thing. Tooting a kids horn never gets tiring. Toot away. And congratulations to that young man.

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