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Justin Ratliff

Indiana Smackdown AAU Elementary National Duals (Kingsport) results

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This is our second year attending the AAU National Duals at Kingsport, TN.  Our wrestlers, parents, and coaches had a great time.  Lots of good wrestling, team building, and fun in the great state of Tennessee.  There were 34 teams from Indiana, Iowa, Illinois, Tennessee, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Maryland, North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, and Missouri.  We took two teams: Indiana Smackdown Black and Indiana Smackdown.  There were 17 All Americans with both teams combined.  Congrats to Indy Compound for winning the Gold Bracket.

Indiana Smackdown Black    5-3 Gold Bracket  Indiana Smackdown   5-5 Silver Bracket

40 Hudson Roll    5-3 Copper AA                           40 Tyler Sanford  4-6

45 Vincent Bell 2-6                                                 45 Cadynn Davis 5-5

50 Peyton Cunningham 3-5                                   50 Maddox Stultz 4-6

55 Elias Faith 4-4                                                   55 Carter Sanford 7-3 Copper AA

60 Fynneus Douglas 4-4                                        60 David Bowman 7-3 Copper AA

65 Jensen Boyd 8-0 Gold AA                                 65 Justus Thrasher 3-7

70 Ayden Bollinger 6-2 Bronze AA                         70 Gunner Butt 7-3 Copper AA

75 Landon Evans 4-4                                             75 Eli Broady 5-5

80 Elijah Guyer 5-3 Copper AA                              80 Jack Davis 3-7

85 Rider Trumble 5-3 Copper AA                           85 Lane Kirchner 6-4

90 Asher Ratliff 4-2 Bronze AA                              90 Morgan Harris 1-9

95 Kaeb Stebbins 7-1 Silver AA                            95 Ezra Frederick 1-9

100 Lucas Ricketts 6-2 Bronze AA                      100 Jimmy Davis 3-6

108 Evan Roudebush 6-2 Bronze AA                  108 Evan Hamblin 4-5

116 MJ Morton 4-4                                               116 Noah Sumner 4-6

125 Damyan Duncan 4-4                                     125 Hayden Smith 4-6

140 Miguel Rojas 6-2 Bronze AA                         140 Nathan Hicks 9-1 Silver AA

170 Ben Lowe 5-3 Copper AA                             170 Lucas Dewey 6-4

HWT Braiden Molebash 5-2 Bronze AA             HWT Tristan Lanum 8-2 Bronze AA                                      

Coaches:                                                              Coaches:

Justin Ratliff                                                          Ryan Williams

Tyce Stebbins                                                       Garland Cooper

Thadeus Douglas                                                 Dale Illingworth

                                                                             David Bowman

                                                                             Vince Sumner

Edited by Justin Ratliff

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