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Ed Pendoski

CIA Fall Newsletter

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We're pretty excited about having NCAA Champion and Indiana's own Andrew Howe come spend a day with us on August 21st.  Parents also make sure you can make it to our meeting on August 22.  We will be talking about college choices and college wrestling.  Coach Truitt will share his insight on how to build a college resume and what schools look for in a potential student. 


Here's a copy of our Fall Newsletter:




We will finish our leg riding offense and start our leg riding defense this month.  Starting in September, we will begin to build a conditioning base to prepare for the upcoming season.



2010 was a great spring and summer for the guys who supplement their training with us.  Cody Phillips is currently ranked #1 in the nation by Intermat.  Mitch Sliga is the only cadet in the nation who won national triple crown.  Mitch is the first wrestler in Indiana?s history to win national triple crown at the cadet age level.  Neil Molloy also won a USA Folkstyle National Title.  Great job guys.


Schedule Change:

Please check the schedule.  The orange group?s workouts on Mondays will move to 6:45-8:15 starting August 23rd.


Howe Camp:

We?re excited to have NCAA Champion and Indiana Native, Andrew Howe, coming to run our next camp on August 21st.  This camp is only available to CIA members, so please let Coach P know if you?re going to attend.  We will limit the numbers.


College Talk:

Coach Truitt and Coach P will have a meeting for all members on August 22nd at 6:30.  Coach Truitt is a professor at the IU School of Medicine and has a great knowledge base of what colleges look for when selecting students for enrollment.  Coach P will talk about what colleges look for when selecting college athletes and what level of college wrestling might be right for you.



We have some gear leftover from our last order.  We have hoodies, sweat pants, t-shirts and hats.  See Coach P if you?d like to get any of these.


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Great information and some exciting news included here.


But, you failed to mention it's been 2,457 days since Meatchicken's last win over the Buckeyes.

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Seriously?  That's what I get?


I will again reiterate...I am a Michigan football fan first and a Big 10 fan second.  I can't hate on any Big 10 team during bowl season (now the Irish is a totally different story).  I don't even watch the Michigan/ohio state game because of Tulsa Kickoff.  After I moved to Indy and got a little closer to Columbus, I have found out that there's not much difference between the yuckeye fans as the irish fans. 


Michigan Football 2011 BCS Champions, 2012 NCAA probation.  That's my prediction.

Rich Rod for President!

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