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Jeff High Wrestlers Rehab Animal Shelter

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From the Courier-Journal


Jeffersonville High School students/wrestlers descended in a whirl of energy and good spirit Friday on the Humane Association shelter on Middle Road to clean, paint and beautify the building.



On Saturday, art teacher Dawn Struck said, she expects about 75 members of her art club, her husband?s wrestling team, the technology club and others to work on the animal shelter?a project the students named ?A Cause for Paws.?


Besides cleaning and painting three rooms in the shelter, the students will paint a mural of cats, dogs, trees and plants in silhouette on its privacy fence, install signs and a new gate in the central room, add colorful stepping stones and rake the grounds.


?It should look a lot different on Sunday,? Struck said.



Humane shelter rehab in Jeffersonville


Phyllis Hilton, president and director of the Humane Association of Clark County, said she was ?thrilled the kids are getting involved.?


The students will put in hundreds of volunteer hours through the weekend, a huge addition to the efforts of roughly 30 volunteers who regularly commit time to the shelter.


Because the not-for-profit, no-kill shelter survives largely on contributions and fees from adoptions, it?s always a struggle to take care of the dozen dogs and perhaps 80 cats on hand at any time, Hilton said. Sometimes the expenses include hefty medical bills for injured or sick animals.


The association operated out of volunteers? homes for years before moving into the current shelter eight years ago, Hilton said.


Struck said she got the idea for a community service project at the shelter last August when she was visiting and talked with Hilton about what her students could do to help.


?We?re trying to do a community service project each year,? she said.


Deanna Koprowski, a tenth-grade art club member, said she was eager to get to work.


?I wanted to help because I love animals,? Deanna said.


Her family has 10 cats and three dogs, Deanna said, so she felt at home.


Some of the animals, meantime, didn?t seem as enthusiastic about the visitors. Three cats huddled in a nest on a wood and cloth climbing tree, and several others hid on various shelves and crannies, warily eyeing the teens.


Eleventh-grader Susan DiTeresa said she has been looking forward to the shelter project and didn?t mind a small scratch on her hand from a cat she tried to move after petting it.


The work ?is pretty fun,? she said.


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