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The Main Event - Jeffersonville Elementary Finals

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Pictures on the above link


March 20, 2010


Elementary wrestlers compete in main event




JEFFERSONVILLE ? In the midst of all of the March Madness, Jeffersonville High School played host to ?The Main Event.?


The 2010 Jeffersonville Youth Wrestling League held its league finals at Johnson Arena on Wednesday, scoring a record number of participants for the season.


?We ended up with approximately 305 wrestlers in the league,? said Jeff coach Danny Struck. ?(It was) the most we have ever had. Every kid got to perform warm ups in front of their families and wrestle two matches each.?


Bridgepoint, which finished third and fifth-grade divisions, was the overall elementary league winner.


? Sports Editor Mike Hutsell




3rd Grade ? receiving trophies:


1st place Bridgepoint


2nd place Utica




4th grade ? receiving trophies:


1st place ? Parkwood


2nd place ? Riverside




5th grade ? receiving trophies:


1st place ? Bridgepoint


2nd place ? Uitca, Maple, Parkwood, Northaven (Maple, Parkwood and Northaven will be recieing their trophies soon)






1st place ? Bridgepoint (receiving a banner and pizza party)


2nd place ? Parkwood


3rd place ? Utica


4th place- Riverside


5th place ? Wilson


6th place ? Northaven, Maple (tie)


8th place ? Thomas Jefferson


9th place ? Spring Hill


Spring Hill received a trophy for having 100% attendance at every practice and meet.


Wilson, Northaven, and Thomas Jefferson will be receiving trophies for sportsmanship


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