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  9. Freestyle Wrestling in Indiana will Die soon!

    Sorry, if I didn't see an official from Bloomington on the official sign-in sheet. I just wrote thank you notes and didn't see one on there. I just assumed that there wasn't an official from your club. For that, I'm sorry. We (club) and I appreciate any help that we get because we know it takes a number of people to run a tournament. Thanks Zach Errett
  10. Freestyle Wrestling in Indiana will Die soon!

    How is being frustrated with bad calls any different in freestyle than it is in folkstyle? There isn't a difference. Bad calls occur in both. I appreciated the individuals that refereed our tournament on Saturday. Everyone that worked was volunteering their time. They were not paid for working. In stead of complaining how it was officiated, you should be thanking the individuals that volunteered their time to help run the tournament. I didn't see any officials working the tournament from BHSS. And if your club is that knowledgeable on the rules, then we would have loved to have help in officiating the matches. It is a little tougher than it looks and I applaud the kids that helped referee in between their matches. I was in their position at one time. I can understand how difficult it is but where else are you supposed to learn. Obviously, it is easier to complain about it than to help do it. Sorry for the half mats, unfortunately we don't have the facility to put down 8 full mats. I do think that it is important to learn how the step-out rule works for wrestlers and officials. I know that it isn't ideal conditions, but that rule will be enforced at the state tournament, and most local tournaments are not ran on full mats. We made the decision to implement the rule. This was just a local tournament not the state finals. Best regards Zach Errett