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  1. profestler

    Al Smith Finals Thread

    Grubb beats Thatcher - pretty close Meyer pins Forrest
  2. profestler

    Super 32 Results

    Raley's match can be viewed on Flo -- It was 3rd period pin and a hard fought very exciting match
  3. profestler

    Fargo Junior FS

    It's too bad he'll have to wrestle Ormsbee with little rest - Ormsbee looked good in the 2 matches I saw - but he wasn't wrestling Jason...
  4. profestler

    Sliga - Tripple Crown Watch

    Here's a link to an article from theMat featuring Mitch's run for the Triple Crown - He is the only cadet with a chance as Zane Richards lost in the RR http://www.themat.com/section.php?section_id=3&page=showarticle&ArticleID=22299
  5. profestler

    Sliga Becomes a Freestyle All-American

    Especially tough with how quickly he had to wrestle the second match
  6. profestler

    Sliga - Tripple Crown Watch

    1 match away from the triple crown!
  7. profestler

    Congrats to the Undefeated FS Cadets

    I could not agree more -- Y2 coverage has been excellent -- even witty. Thanks and please keep it up.
  8. Way to represent! Awesome showing - now make some noise in FS!
  9. profestler

    Sliga - Tripple Crown Watch

    Looks like 3 possible triple crowns in the Junior div. 98 - Howell (MO) 112/105 - Freddie Rodriguez (MI) 160/152 - Ravaughn Perkins (NE) I think "My Man Mitch", Howell and Rodriquez will get it done
  10. Thanks - I got on just in time -- To bad it was to see his only loss thus far Still has an outside chance for title match
  11. profestler

    Sliga - Tripple Crown Watch

  12. profestler

    Sliga - Tripple Crown Watch

  13. profestler

    Sliga - Tripple Crown Watch

    Mich Sliga is 1 of only 2 cadet wrestlers still alive for the triple crown (the other is Zan Richrads - IL @ 130) Has this ever been accomplished by an IN wrestler (besides Sliga @ schoolboy)? What a great ambassador for Indiana Wrestling!
  14. profestler

    Central Regionals

    On Trackwrestling it has Aaron Stevenson as an injury default anybody have any details? I hope it is not serious.
  15. profestler

    2011 High School State Finals

    Jackson Bratcher has looked good and had a good showing at Flonationals/Duals - I'd put him in the mix at 171 (just not sure who I'd leave off) -- Have Stein and Quiroz wrestled since the 2008 state finals? Could be a very interesting match up with a good back story (sorry about the pun - I could not resist)...