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  1. Public Service Message from Da Rat

    I agree Rat that upside potential is higher than downside risk. To many countries that don't like us need it to be 60-70 at the cheapest. I don't know if I want to get into the restaurant business with my buddy up north. If I can steal one of my favorite Tharp quotes, "That's like putting the chubby kid in charge of the candy store"
  2. Public Service Message from Da Rat

    Rat, I believe that USO is an ETF that follows the price of oil from The United States, not the oil companies themselves. How much to invest in USO to hedge your expense at the pump is tough to figure out, depending on how much gas you actually use. Actually since your first post the price of USO is down 10%. A $1,000 investment would only be worth $900 today. I think a much safer investment would be to open a JJ's Pizza on the north side of Indy. I've been down here five years and haven't found a good pizza yet. You'd make millions when the folks down here got their first stuffed chunk sausage and mushroom pie.
  3. Because of school cancelations, there will be no workouts tonight at CIA NWI. We will have a make up workout tomorrow, Friday January 16th at Hanover Central starting at 6:30.
  4. No workouts tonight due to the weather
  5. Best Coaches?

    I think the better comparison would be to see which staff is better looking...the Portage 04-05 coaching staff vs the 08-09 LN staff. Hinkel/Mundell vs Weimer/Gondol No contest here. Anyone who has been in the checkout line at the grocery has seen the cover of Vogue and knows that gangley stick figures are in style. Even though Weimer makes a good attempt. Advantage Portage Tharp vs Douglas Both bald and soft spoken. Only one has been described in the newspaper as a wad of muscle. Advantage Portage Alaniz vs Williams Jared makes good effort, but can he really be expected to compete here vs. the 5' latin? Advantage Portage Might be a shut out if Portage can get the right matchups.
  6. Bad Weather -- Cancellations thread

    Hanover Central HS has been closed for this evening. No workouts tonight for CIA NWI. There will be practice on Monday.