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  1. Disney Duals

    Bloomington South Purple is also going to be there. Good luck to them all!!
  2. Wrestlers on the field

    Obviously this crow doesn't taste good. But I am big enough to admit wrong. Even if I wasn't impressed with the one game the overall scope of Tonte's season is very good. I wish him the best of luck and more importantly good health so he can enjoy a good wrestling season as well. My apologies.
  3. Wrestlers on the field

    I don't know where some people are getting their information at. Tonte's stats through 3 games is 7/9 for 98 yards. Doesn't even look like he is starting. He is a fine athlete. But before go voting for a USA Today athlete of the week, we may want to know the facts. Looks like he did rush for 4 TDs in the game. 50 total yards. Not exactly USA Today numbers.
  4. Notable wins 1/16

    Conference Indiana: Gosney(Bloomington North) over Overlay(perry Meridian). Dalton(Bloomington North) over Murrell(Terra Haute North)