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Adams Central Invitational

Date: January 12, 2019
Type: Regular Season

Team Score
1. Adams Central 341
2. Huntington North 322
3. Fort Wayne Bishop Dwenger 268
4. Cowan 251.5
5. Parkway(OH) 220
6. North Judson 185.5
7. Frontier 138
8. Southwood 134
9. Fairfield 88


106    Championship    Brady Lewis (HN) pinned Elliot Cornewell (BD) 5:23
    3rd / 4th    Branden Simmons (FRTR) pinned Ryan Keller (FAIR) 3:05
113    Championship    Preston Teusch (HN) technical fall over Preston White (COW) 18-1
    3rd / 4th    Joseph Senn (FAIR) pinned Jackson Taylor (SW) :31
120    Championship    Colin Reegan (FRTR) major decision over Toby Abbott (COW) 14-0
    3rd / 4th    Evan McAfee (AC) injury default over Sam Cornewell (BD)
126    Championship    Alex Currie (AC) pinned Jac Sproles (FRTR) :55
    3rd / 4th    Emmett Delaney (BD) pinned Jeremiah Blount (NJ) 1:58
132    Championship    Logan Mosser (AC) major decision over Ricky Haught (HN) 16-4
    3rd / 4th    Danny Wendling (FRTR) major decision over Dillon Weatherton (FAIR) 13-3
138    Championship    Ethan Meyer (PARK) pinned Cayden Shaffer (AC) 5:57
    3rd / 4th    Michael Tippmann (BD) pinned Micheal Kline (HN) 5:34
145    Championship    Michael Garret (BD) decision over Austin Jones (COW) 13-6
    3rd / 4th    Caleb White (FRTR) decision over Mathew Kline (HN) 13-8
152    Championship    Cody McCune (HN) pinned Keegan Keesling (COW) 1:26
    3rd / 4th    Eli Hilger (BD) pinned Graham Farmer (PARK) 3:43
160    Championship    Paul Faurote (AC) pinned Chaz Neuenschwander (PARK) 1:53
    3rd / 4th    Conner Rich (SW) decision over Robert Risner (NJ) 10-9
170    Championship    Parker Bates (AC) pinned Kaien Younker (PARK) 1:38
    3rd / 4th    Tyler Blount (NJ) pinned Peter Obergfell (BD) 3:56
182    Championship    Monty Hill (AC) pinned George Thomason (NJ) 3:12
    3rd / 4th    Haydn Ridenour (PARK) pinned Thomas Charles (SW) 2:22
195    Championship    Charlie Agnew (HN) pinned Mike Clemons (NJ) :54
    3rd / 4th    Alex Kolkman BD) pinned Jaob Manley (AC) 1:36
220    Championship    Christian Graft (HN) pinned Jashawn Berlanga (AC) 4:24
    3rd / 4th    Nick Hosier (BD) pinned Tom Stevens (COW) 2:45
285    Championship    Trenton Smith (HN) pinned Ian Smith (AC) 1:06
    3rd / 4th    Garrett Smith (COW) pinned Austin Buescer (BD) 1:12


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