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  1. Not trying to upset anyone. I just was just curious if anyone felt the same way. i know this just was Conference... certainly Sectionals are more important and would call for some officials that can at least get all the way down to call a pin.
  2. I did put that. Guessing they are pretty good friends.
  3. Just curious if anyone felt the same about the quality of officiating at the Hoosier Hill Conference this weekend in Jennings County? It was the worst I've seen this year, and to be honest, every tournament I've attended in Jennings County seems to have these same guys. I heard fans in the stands from several teams, even Jennings County, complaining. One of the officials could only get down to a knee to check pins. Most of the time he didn't even get down... Just counted back points from a standing position. In the 145 lb finals match, second overtime, top wrestler (Columbus East), bottom wrestler (Jennings County) SCRAMBLE out of bounds with seconds left on the clock, as they had much of the match. Official calls the CE wrestler on a technical for pushing out of bounds and awards the JC wrestler a point to send it into triple OT. CE wrestler eventually loses. To top it off, the second official that was on that mat goes over afterwards and hugs one of the Jennings County coaches. Appalling. Columbus East fans went a little over the top yelling, but not sure I blamed them. Officials shouldn't decide who wins. There were bad calls up and down the weights all day and all teams suffered. Jennings County hosts Sectionals next weekend. Can we all pray that they hire some new officials?
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