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  1. I would agree with macthespoon. I think Tyler Clark wins a tough one over Mullins. If the finals match sectional champ with sectional champ, I think 130 through 160 will provide us with some exciting match-ups. I also think that FC sectionals will have at least 8 to 10 champs. Too tough to call: 130- T. Clark vs. C.Mullins 135- C. Struewing vs. L. Rose 140- M. Gesell vs.C. Fellers 145- J. Maple vs. K. Uphaus 160- N. Harrell vs. Von Wasson At 152, I believe N. Manning will soundly beat D. Bennett. From 103 to 125 and from 171 to HWT. I'll agree with RAGUOC79s picks.
  2. I'm not sure where he's going for sure. He won the Spartan Classic at 189. Seems like a good weight for him. We'll learn more as the next few weeks progress.
  3. It'll be here before we know it. I'm sure some weights will change, but heres my predictions. 103- Phillips UC 112- House CO 119- McCord SD 125- Huff MI 130- Clark SD 135- Rogers UC 140- Gesell UC 145-O'Neal MI 152- Manning SD 160- Harrell SD 171- Felser SD 189- Duckworth UC 215- Forman SD 285- Jackson MI Hope I didn't misspell any names. Team wise, I think South Dearborn will probably win. Union Co. or Connersville could possibly sneak by with some quality placers. Haven't heard much out of East Central to include many of their wrestlers. I think they're having a down year.
  4. Now take it easy on me. I've got some questions about the state of wrestling in this great state of ours. Is the level of wrestling improving at the high school level, throughout the state? Also, statistically speaking, are more boys, and/or girls wrestling now than in years past. I don't want to argue about what area of Indiana has the best wrestling. I just want to hear some opinions and see some numbers concerning the entire state.
  5. I'm sure this subject has been hashed out before, but is the Connersville classic as tough today as in years past? I'm sure it varies from weight class to weight class, but I'm talking about the tournament as a whole.
  6. Bad news! South Dearborn, Franklin County, and Union Co. have all cancelled school for wednesday. Don't know for sure but I doubt there will be any conclusion to the South Dearborn sectional tomorrow evening.
  7. Union County has seven wrestlers heading to Richmond. Philips, Findley, Gesell, and Duck will all wrestle in the champioship matches. Rogers, Hall, and Finch will be wrestling for third.
  8. I might be wrong, but I don't think Kesterman made it out of his sectional.
  9. Predictions will come a lot easier for me after I get a look at the brackets. We'll see where all the wrestlers get placed. I hope someone posts the brackets here so as to lessen my anxiety. Team wise, I think East Central will probably take first with S. Dearborn right behind them. Connersville then maybe Union County or Milan. Not sure about everybody else.
  10. 103- Philips (UCo), Phenis (W), Milliron ©, Terriquez (UCi) 112- Findley(UCo), James (W), Julian (H), VanCamp © 119- Terhaar (W), Kearney©, Walters(UCi), Parish (T) 125- Leeka (T), Sartain (H), Taresh©, Brown (UCi) 130- Simmons (W), Baker (L), Ward (UCo), Colvin (H) 135- Uphaus ©, Rogers (UCo), Sells (UCi), Dines (W) 140- Leeka (T), Enright ©, Duebel (L), Rice (NE) 145- Gesell (UCo), Harris (L), Wilkey (T), Millsaps © 152- Becker (NE), Luster (L), Bane (H), Jones (W) 160-Richardson ©, Holcomb (W), Hall (UCo), Ryckman (T) 171- Bradburn (UCi), Bolser (W), Patton (H), Fletcher © 189- Duckworth (UCo), Rosson (W), Babcock ©, Hutchison (UCi) 215- Schaekel ©, Fodrea (W), Mofield (H), Finch (UCo) 275- Chalfant (W), Lumpkin (UCo), Wysong (H), Vought (T) Congratulations to all the placing wrestlers, especially the champs, on a great day of compitition. A special congratulations goes to the Winchester Golden Falcons for claiming their second title in as many years.
  11. Union County is in the Tri Eastern Conference. They didn't win their conference, although they had four champions. Cody Philips, Jerod Findley, Mason Gesell, and Mike Duckworth.
  12. I glad we got that settled... jeez! Good luck to all the TEC teams on Saturday!
  13. This is a great mullet, but I remember seeing a picture of a father-son combo that was taken at an open event. Talk about money!
  14. Hound, you might be right about that, I don't know for certain. I just know you need 6 official weigh-ins with one being at scratch weight in the particular class for sectionals and so on. I do't mean to make this sound like an arguement. As far as sleepers go, I'll say the 130's will provide.
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