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  1. We ran into this at MS event several years ago. One school had a Friday night event, but their AD didn't notify the host school. Some of their wrestlers were over weigh, but they couldn't get the weight allowance because the other schools couldn't be notified in advance and given the same weight opportunitie.
  2. True second at the finals would be a waste. Every wrestler's dream is to win the championship. If they get to that match and lose they won't care about wrestling another match. Did you see Sawyer Miller's face on the podium? He'd lost the goal he'd chased since he was little. If he had to wrestle again he wouldn't have had his heart in the match. I don't think you'd end up with a true second because of those kinds of emotions.
  3. Schools would have to dismiss early or cancel to allow other students to attend the Friday night round 1 and I don't see the IHSAA sanctioning that. Even basketball couldn't get that approved. I'd rather see wrestle-backs at regional and semi-state so that the 16 that get there are the best ones from each region and not the result of a fortunate draw.
  4. I'm ashamed to say I missed the one in 1998 when AC didn't have any qualifiers. Other than that I've been to every one since 1980 (before many of the people on here were born).
  5. Sounds like the opening round at Carroll was pretty wild. In filling out the team duals spreadsheet I noticed there were 4 sectional champions and 6 sectional runners-up that were eliminated in the opening round.
  6. Oliver got a concussion at Warren Central that ended his career. Unfortunately, he finished with 99 career wins & won't get a shot at 100.
  7. In this case we're trying to determine the best teams to participate and a team with only 6 wrestlers can't win any matches. The other problem is that we're trying to use this year's data to determine next year's teams. A team may only have 6 this year, but have 5 or 6 freshmen in next year, so maybe I should have voted for 3 or more.
  8. I misread the title of the "IHSAA 3 Champs" topic and thought it referred to the coaches tourney. That made me check back through our records and I found that Kaine Luginbill has participated in the tourney all three years and is a perfect 10-0. More impressive is that those wins include 9 pins and 1 forfeit. I'm sure there are other wrestlers who have gone undefeated all three years of the tourney. Let's hear it.
  9. AC Computer

    Adams Central vs. Bremen

    Adams Central
  10. Adams Central
  11. Adams Central
  12. Adams Central
  13. South Bend St. Joseph
  14. AC Computer

    Adams Central vs. Warsaw

    Adams Central
  15. One suggestion for a new feature - On the information screens that list wrestler, coach, or team; how about adding an alphabet link to the top of the page that jumps you to the first entry that starts with that letter. Then, if I want to see the information for Marion or a school somewhere in the middle of the alphabet I can get close in one click instead of paging through several screens.
  16. We used it for the first time last year and will use it again. Easy to use and score mat-side. And, if the tournament is run on Track Wrestling, like all of our tournament series events, you can use their scoring for stats and not score your own on the app.
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