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  1. So if it is agreed the numbers are down, and that extra curricular activities are beneficial, then why is it getting a negative reaction from some people to explore options to try to encourage growth in the sport. We have the opportunity to try something different to build positivity in the sport. If 6k less students are participating, then why WOULDN'T we as a wrestling community try to do our part to bring that up, rather than just shrug and say it is what it is,
  2. Now, dont complain about the specifics, but here is the best map i could make up with Microsoft paint. I'm positive I made mistakes about school districts and such but you get the general idea.
  3. Doing some quick googling, NJ has roughly 2 million higher population in a quarter of the size. Without looking at the enrollment numbers, i think a couple assumptions can be made: 1. Average school enrollment is higher in NJ, lending to the dialogue of bigger schools having better facilities, practice partners, etc. 2. Since the state is smaller, it may allow schools at certain talent levels to travel easier to find comparable competition, lowering "beatdown fatigue" I'd be interested to see the enrollment numbers for NJ. I bet they are much more homogeneous tha
  4. Track says Tuesday at noon Central Time
  5. Instantly winning your sectional is one crazy thing. My take away is that there are going to be three 106's from the South Dearborn Sectional that will qualify for Semi-State just by weighing in!
  6. It figures to be Centerville's day overwhelmingly as a team. I'm looking forward to the 145 bracket with undefeated Miles of Lincoln and undefeated Daniels of Union City. 138 has a couple studs to keep an eye on. 182 should be a toss-up. The top 3 seeds, Klein, Whichard, and Newby have all split matches with the other two so it's up in the air.
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