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  1. I feel like Section 5 is an interesting point.
  2. Per the winter bulletin (sec 5 and 6) for those who may not have seen or can access it(bottom of 78/top of 79): 5. Coaches should strive to keep open minds when seeding assignments are being decided. The main objective of seeding is to have outstanding wrestlers separated in the brackets so that they will not meet each other until the finals. Seeding shall be based upon the wrestler's proven ability and not upon the desire for unwarranted advantage. 6. Determination of seeded wrestlers is given in order of importance: Varsity contests are the only record submitted for seeding consideration. a. Head to head competition current year; (The wrestler with the most head to head wins gets the seed. If they have beaten each other an equal number of times, then the winner of the last match gets the seed. Head to Page 79 of 84 head is counted at any level of interscholastic competition. Matches against teammates are not counted for seeding purposes.); b. Record against common opponents; c. Semi‐State quarterfinalist, or higher in previous year IHSAA Tournament Series; d. Win percentage. A contestant with the best overall record (winning percentage) who has wrestled at least 10 matches; For seeding purposes, forfeits should not be included in a wrestler’s record. e. Farthest advancement in previous year IHSAA State Tournament Series; f. Draw by lot. Criteria is reset after determining each seed. Criteria is reset after determining each seed NOTE: A wrestler with less than ten matches may not be seeded ahead of a wrestler with at least ten matches and a winning record unless he/she meets criteria in a, b or c. A wrestler with a losing record may not be seeded unless he/she meets criteria a, b or c unless there are less than six (6) wrestlers in the bracke
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    Elwood vs. Blackford

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    Elwood vs. Eastbrook

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    Zionsville vs. Elwood

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