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  1. Ran into the buzz saw named Chad Red two times in a row in the finals. Edit: I stand corrected (lost to Duncan instead of Red one time)
  2. Flu like symptoms according to mama, 5 lbs over night before according to everyone else lol. Christmas dinner and break got to him. He was a middle school state champ last season (beating his brother in the finals at 105). Got to meet Gunnar's parents. Talk about a proud set of parents right there. Super nice and kid couldnt have been any nicer either. Good luck to him at West Point!
  3. Kid looked incredible. Luigs hands down the best wrestler of the tournament (with that 106 pounder right behind)
  4. Ranked #12 pound for pound middle schooler and #2 in his weight class. Kids got talent.
  5. Mater Dei needs wins from Boots, Parkinson, and Wilderman to have a chance to beat Union, with Union losing at 170, 182, and 285 as well.
  6. Heading into the finals matches, it is going to be a battle between Union, Mater Dei, St. X, and Avon. Team Scores 1. Union County 189.0 2. Evansville Mater Dei 181.5 3. St Xavier 164.5 4. Avon 162.0 5. Franklin Community 119.0 6. Floyd Central 118.5 7. Mt Vernon 108.0 8. Belleville West 69.0 9. New Albany 67.5 10. North Posey 64.5 11. Gibson Southern 52.0 12. New Palestine 44.0 13. Trinity 42.0 14. Sullivan 27.0 15. Tell City 6.0
  7. Hmm. Don't be so certain about something when you know nothing about this kid. Just teched Hinderliter. Maybe he's a little better than you think Hook The Willman/K. Egli match was great. Willman pulled out the come from behind win 8-7.
  8. Gabe Adams Union 113 not wrestling. 182 has potential for a great finals match along with 132
  9. Actually Father Ryan (Nashville, TN) visits Union on Friday. Maybe MD middle school but definitely not high school visiting Union.
  10. I don't see Ervin at 170 winning it. But I do think Saul at 132 takes the crown. Also, Sam Bacon (union 120) just took the top ranked kid in Ky to overtime. He could place high on the podium at the Holiday Classic. Any reason on why memorial is not competing this year? Can't wait to see this tournament.
  11. Evansville Reitz, Evansville Harrison, Evansville Memorial, Louisville (KY) Trinity, Louisville (KY) Fern Creek, Union County (KY), Booneville?, South Spencer?, Southridge?, North Posey?....I know Tell City, Heritage Hills, and Forest Park all used to go but dropped out throughout the years.
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