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  1. 152 Dunn and Whitaker. Look to see them in the semi's Saturday. Both are tough juniors. Whitaker handled and pinned berkbile at the holiday classic. Dunn is very impressive as well, he wrestled Kemper very well at semistate.
  2. Martinsville's doesn't hold a full mat. 2 pieces of a full mat and a sliver of something they try to call a mat that's around 3' wide.
  3. Square footage or just how many mats it can fit. Coaches statistic doesn't matter to much to me. This is for a presentation I would like to give for proposing a new room. My school, unamed for the time being, fits two pieces of a 3 piece mat and has on average 30 wrestlers on the team.
  4. I am looking to put together some info. Who has the largest room in the state? Who has the smallest? What is the average? If you want to post your rooms size I plan on making a spread sheet. I think this will be interesting to see who has the biggest room vs how successful of a program. And vice versa. This is for a presentation I plan on giving.
  5. 106: Miranda and Mills will likely battle once more in the finals but don't count out Tony Mosconi from Indian creek. 113: this weight is extremely deep Weaver and Skaggs are tough but Kaden Poe and Keaten Fisher are no slouches. Poe won 3-1 over fisher at sectionals on a last second takedown. Fisher wrestled a tough aggressive match against Blevins and mentally broke him to the point of default. 120: Hudkins takes the crown, but not without a fight from Gomez of plainfield. 126: everyone is competing for 2nd place behind a very tough elliot molloy. 132: Brayton lee takes this one,
  6. Whitaker over van horn 7-1 and then Dunn over Whitaker fisher over blevins
  7. Alot of my picks were based on conference, all sectional teams are the same and then we add in CG, IC, and MON. I have seen Center Grove once this year and Monrovia twice. I have not seen Indian Creek. Monrovia has really looked good all year in my opinion. With some standouts. Garrison lee had 2 awesome matches with hiestand of yorktown at the holiday classic winning one in OT and losing the second to a last second takedown, he is my pick for Monrovia to make an appearance at state. Then 152 the top 3 in this weight I pick to make it to bankers life and will give Kemper a run for his mone
  8. Champs Mosconi (don't know much here) Poe (conference finals rematch) Gomez (Pins Futrell again) Boles (Vaught looked good against reese and terrible against Boles) Anderson (shouldn't be a problem for Mitch) Wilkerson (Wilkerson and Adkins had a good one at conference) Warren (I took Ellis over Copeland just because Ellis has a win over Warren) Whitaker (I like what I've seen this year, but Dunn Or Van Horn can take it too) Runyan (next week will be fun Helm, Damler, and Caudle) Stevenson (can't wait for next week, Walton and Lydy move in) Hammond (
  9. Who do you have moving through? FINALS 106: siddiqui CG vs mosconi IC 113: Poe DC vs Fisher MV 120: Gomez PF vs Futrell GW 126: Boles MOR vs Vaught MV 132: Anderson MOR vs Gast - Bray MON 138: Wilkerson FR vs Adkins DC 145: Warren MOR vs Ellis MON 152: Dunn IC vs Whitaker MA (toughest weight class with numbers 7,8, and 10) 160: Runyan MA vs Hays CG 170: Stevenson FR vs Clements PF/Smith MON 182: Hammond WE vs Munn FR 195: Scott MOR vs Lee MON 220: Scroggs MA vs McCubbins MON 285: Biddle PF vs York FR Team race I see being alot closer than in recent memory with Franklin
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