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Everything posted by asbury4040

  1. In order of your points: 1) The Basketball games at Bankers are half empty to three quarters empty. I'm sure there have been exceptions. 2)My point to the monuments was if you scream loud enough ( like the admin did for basketball) you will get class wrestling. I am against class. I stated why w the soft comments. 3)There is no hate. There is nothing outta bounds. The idea of class wrestling sucks. I respect the fact some of you want class wrestling. I respect the ones who don't. I got fired up when it got personal and my post were being edited. At the end of the day I think it's not good to give everyone trophies n ribbons. I am sorry for getting off topic in some of the fodder. Enough said. Good luck to everyone this wknd!
  2. It just did it agin. Must be something you have integrated into the software. Can I say SOFTWARE with out getting you guys fired up?
  3. You're not telling the truth. My last sentence up a couple posts was edited. I put nice fella bag and it was turned into a nice fella.
  4. Ok, ya, we know each other. It's simple dialogue. I do appreciate you putting your name to your comments. Since the moderator of this forum called out my kid It has fired me up. We made the move cuz we wanted to get into a service academy. I wanted the tougher academics and still be at a decent wrestling program. That's what I meant to you by it's a matter of perspective. We didn't move from a place where we couldn't crack the lineup to a place he falls right in. What kinda lesson is that? Anyway... my rant is over. As far as Livingston I agree! Lol... he's a good dude that I love.
  5. Ok.... my post are getting edited so I will leave. Y2... stay classy
  6. Ok. I agree w what kids get out of wrestling. I put my kid in it! I guess it comes down to what each of us define as an attainable goal. Our goal was and is bigger than wrestling. It's just a matter of perspective. As far as us knowing each other I doubt it. I only know Livingston from your neck of the woods. I'm sure your a good dude though. I've only met one nice fella bag in all of our years wrestling...lol
  7. I guess you can't have discussion without hurting people's feelings.
  8. Why I moved my sone is obviously none of your business or anybody else's. You're making it personal and that's out of bounds.
  9. I'm not. I'm sure you guys know what it has done to basketball. I know they're different sports. As far as my soft kids comment I stand by it! Today's kids are soft as hell!!!!! I didn't say wrestlers were. I said kids. Today's kids in general. Again, keep it clean internet tough guys.
  10. Y2, you win. Here's your trophy. I've been told to give in or you will ban me. To the rest of you I say lighten up. It's my opinion. Keep hiding behind your keyboard. Anyone who knows me knows the truth. Here's a question. Where will you hold your class tournament? It wouldn't be Bankers. The fairgrounds? Oh... ya, We can have it in Ft. Wayne. Nobody would go except parents n family. Whatever you guys want though. If you keep crying enough we will give in. Just like everything else in the world. We're erasing history, tearing down monuments, etc.... why? To appease the soft society. Again, if you want to make this personal then reach out to me. We can have adult dialogue. Right!
  11. No, I need to improve as well. I'd like to think that one day down the road I could be the president or CEO. I call that a goal.
  12. You're spinning my words to fit your narrative. 224? There's only 14 champions. That means everyone else needs to work harder. Who are we to say making it to State is the bar?? Your solution is to add more classes. Why? For more champions or for more placers? Or both? To me that's watered down. Also, this is just my opinion. I respect all of your opinions. So don't get personal.
  13. I don't know you or your kid. I'm talking athletic competition. Actually, I'll include life in that as well.
  14. Participation in the fact 2nd place is/was the last loser. Why hand out anything besides 1st place? When you're on the podium only first place should be holding anything. In case you ask why that is it's because he/she earned it.
  15. I live in Indiana. I'm only worried about Indiana. Why not be the leader and not the follower? You guys can cry all day about class wrestling. It really boils down to the kid, his heart, his determination. Simple. Class wrestling will do the same as class basketball. If that's what you like then good. It's really a matter of taste. Y2, you can bring up all the stats you want. It won't change the fact we're letting soft ass adults raise soft ass kids. Obviously this is just MY OPINION. I can't stand participation trophies. I especially can't stand adults telling kids losing is ok!!!! Give little johnny something to strive for instead of telling him good job when he just got his ass handed to him!
  16. We can blame it on society. As a whole we're raising a bunch of soft ass entitled kids. We need to quit giving out participation trophies. You either suck and need to work harder or you have worked hard and you're at the top of the food chain.
  17. He's doing better. He's out of the woods as far as staying above ground. He has some muscle movement in certain areas of the left side. He was in a harness on Friday for physical therapy. Obviously the goal is to get him fully operational. Long road ahead but he's a tough kid!
  18. I was there and that was worth whatever I paid to get in
  19. He's stable. Has no movement on his left side. Not sure if he's out of the woods yet. He's in great shape, obviously, so hopefully everything works out in his favor!
  20. Update: surgery went as well as expected. He has lost movement on the left side of his body. He is in bad shape but still kicking! Long road ahead. It really sucks. Michael was Peyton's first round opponent this Saturday. The Irony is them two plus my nephew were Steve Livingston's first kids in the club 11 years ago at Cloverdale. Please keep Michael and his family in your prayers.
  21. Michael Anderson is a Senior wrestler at Greencastle High School. He was rushed to the hospital tonight via lifeline and is battling. Please keep his teammates, friends and family in your thoughts!
  22. Ya, I was just stating that if something is not what you want it to be then try harder. The question was strongest/weakest. Avon is the strongest in my opinion. I say that cuz of the individuals in this sectional are studs that put in a lot of offseason work. We have the most state placers from a sectional if I were to guess. I don't care how small your school is or how many kids you have. If you want to be good then get good. If not, don't.
  23. Or they could use it as motivation to not be a bad sectional. Im not sure they're bad but I'm sure there are better.
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