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  1. i have to say i have read all of the comments on the heavier weight class and how the kids are not as good as the lighter weights. I think its sad i wrestled the lowest weights when i wrestled i worked hard to do well and the heavier weights worked just as hard the good thing about wrestling is that you compete against kids your weight and i think we should add weight classes in the middle and upper weights so you dont have kids that are in the middle of a weight class that he has to go upand wrestle someone who cut down to a weight or drop alot of weight to compete but to ever say the upper weights are boring or not as good as the lower weights are just wrong they work hard and shouldnt be put down
  2. vance ellis from noblesville ranked 8th at 120 but dropping to 113 he has beat number 1 and yes got beat by young should be top 4 im just putting that out there and before anyone says anything yes hes my son
  3. how much are you asking im still trying to get a mat for our club please let me know thanks scott ellis scottellis44@comcast.net or 317 357-9630
  4. hi my name is scott ellis i started a club last year at trinity lutheran school in indy we have no money but last year i had about 50 kids but could not find a mat although did have a chance to get one from madison wrestling club but at the time i couldnt get any help to go get it . So we ended up going to roncalli to practice and alot of the kids couldnt make it i would love it if you decide to donate a mat to keep us in mind this year i have a truck and trailer and would come and get it as soon as possible thanks for your time my number is 317 357 9630 my email is scottellis44@comcast.net thanks keep us in mind it would help our school and the young kids that would be using it
  5. Can someone help with mat trying to get a club started on the eastside of indy the mat i we where to get fell thru and we are suppose to have our first practice next tuesday so im asking for some help thanks from scott ellis
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