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  1. Is anybody else wondering why The County has been noticeably quiet since the Avon/Bburg dual? Not a single mention of the county tournament or anything. Different
  2. Were Cathedral & Warren at full strength?, I would think they have a lot of footballers still not 100% ready. They always play late in the season at those 2 schools. Are the Avon 195 & 220 footballers? I don't think the others are.
  3. Well it seems the average age must be on the rise. Since the rise of the "8th grade redshirt" trend, ages have to be trending higher. My son is a frosh in college and a lot of the kids he wrestled back in the day in youth wrestling aren't even seniors, but juniors!
  4. Dont everyone start thinking about the Woods vs Parris thing even being a lock to happen. Woods has Larson in his half of the bracket and we all know that like heavys these 220 matches have a tendency to be close. Larson has a GREAT chance.
  5. Just caught wind of what went down. Nothing Snyder does or is around surprises me. He lost my respect years ago, it was just a matter of time before controversy surrounded him again.
  6. Haven't been to the Al Smith so I can't compare to the MD Classic, but the MD Classic has to be attended by all. The atmosphere is phenomenal. Small gym, tons of rabid MD supporters. A must for any wrestling fan. Another note although Ky might not be as deep as Indiana, those Trinity and UC boys can compete!
  7. Sorry to say, but almost any SS champ would rather draw a FW#4 than the other SS's #4
  8. Not really bulletin board worthy, its very hard for anyone to beat somebody 3 times straight when they are matched closely. Of course they will BOTH advace to semi state, they meet in the finals.
  9. Elmore lost to Shaffer in the Avon Sectional. Will NOT happen again. One of the main reasons is its hard to beat somebody 3 times in a row.
  10. Key matches: 106 - winner of Mills/Mosconi gets Miranda. 113 - winner of Weaver/Poe gets Skaggs. 120 - Gomez/Hudkins. 126 - Malloy dominates. 132 - Lee. 138 - Winner of Harris/Wilkerson gets Weddle. 145 - Fainter/Warren. 152 - Winner of Gay/Dunn gets Miranda. 160 - Winner of Runyan/Kaudle loses big to Helm. 170 - Lydy/Stevenson should be classic. 182 - Elmore/Shaffer, Elmore gets revenge. 195 - Scott dominates. 220 - 2 good semis, crapshoot. 285 - Too bad Henson/Biddle is a 1st rounder, Norman.
  11. What happened to Damler - 160 BB? Thought him and Kaudle woulda been a great match? Also wasn't Damler ranked pretty high at 152? Why would he go to 160 anyway? Guessing he was injured or something?
  12. Does this sectional have the most FF's ever? Now that would be an interesting stat.
  13. Please do not think that because somebody gets to state and others don't , that they are better. Remember how Harris got to state, yes he did what he had to do but if he is in any other quarter bracket he doesn't go.
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