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  1. Crown Point Regional 126: #4 Fuqua (CP) vs. #12 Buckley (Valpo) Fuqua has dominated this match-up so far - zero points for Max in three matches - but I always love watching these two guys go at it. This could be the week that Buckley breaks through, but Josh has looked so tough on top up to this point. 138: #6 Schurg (CP) vs. Neal (Valpo) Neal is either "actively stalling" or he's closing the gap on Schurg...which one is it? We'll find out! Remember that Neal was ranked for most of the year and had some impressive victories early on... 145: #6 Katsafaros (Chesterton) vs. #9 Roadruck (Lowell) This is a very interesting match-up with similarly odd styles of wrestling. Both of these dudes are funky. They always provide great matches! 152: #4 Schurg (CP) vs. #18 Escobedo (New Prairie) 160: #2 Hughes (Lowell) vs. #17 Jones (CP) This was a pretty quick win for Hughes on Saturday, but it's still a ranked match-up! 182: #19 Scott (Hanover) vs. Langbehn (CP) This was the match of the day at the CP sectional - looking forward to the rematch! 195: #3 Kral (CP) vs. #20 Patterson (Lowell) 285: #19 Bartoszek (Hanover) vs. Harlow (Chesterton) vs. Klingberg (CP) Obviously, there's not a ton of ranked kids coming out of the LaPorte sectional, particularly with Portage now in another sectional, but those schools (Chesterton, LaPorte, John Glenn, New Prairie, etc.) always wrestle hard and have pulled off a lot of upsets in the past. Crown Point has a legitimate shot to put 14 through to the regional...something to watch for! They had 13 in the finals at sectionals with 8 champs, so their match-ups will be very favorable.
  2. Hazi is a real interesting character and a perfect example of why CP is at the elite level they are. He did not make it out of the sectional last year, and this time around he is the number 1 seed. He should have a great shot of at least qualifying for semi-state. Coach Vlink has done an outstanding job with this young man - all work ethic and heart.
  3. I know he gets around. I've seen his name at several tournaments from Iowa to Nebraska to Ohio, but the only finish I'm certain of is that he took 2nd at the Little Celtic a couple months ago. Also, if I had to throw down some money on it, I'd guess you will see him wearing an RDP on his singlet next year.
  4. I'll second this. The kid is already built like a sophomore and demonstrates excellent technique and wrestling IQ. Once the Lowell coaches get their hands on him, I'm confident they'll have a medal hanging around his neck by the end of the year. I've also heard that one of the Davison boys from Chesterton could be a beast frosh next year.
  5. Great topic! I think a lot of these guys overlook the achievement of winning one sectional championship, much less multiple titles. It's understandable, as several guys from the CP sectional contend for state titles year in and year out, but they still deserve a tip of the hat. I think the wild card for Saturday is Valpo's Luke Davis. I remember him beating Langbehn (CP), an eventual state qualifier, and Patterson (Lowell) to take the 195 championship last year. This season, he dropped all the way to 170 and looked much quicker and more athletic at DAC a couple weeks ago. Look for him to defend his title on Saturday!
  6. I know you were asking 'da Rat, but I thought this was a great question to comment on. I don't see any of the Merrillville SS HWT's placing top 4 in the state this year, but it should be an extremely competitive day regarding who comes out on top of all these guys. I think there are 5 who could potentially win this semi-state. Even some possibly underrated guys like Harlow (Chesterton) and Klingberg (Crown Point) could pull-off some huge upsets. Sorry this post strayed from the topic!
  7. I completely understand what you're saying, and I respect your comment. To me, however, for him to make an additional post with the sole intent of diminishing Brassea's skills and resume' seems completely unnecessary. It was NOT the answer to a question. If he had made his first post and stopped at that, I'd have no problem with it. The fact that he felt the need to add comments afterward which served no additional purpose in answering the original question is where I find a problem. To be honest with you, I couldn't have cared any less how Brassea performed the rest of the season before all of this, and I have absolutely no affiliation with Lake Central wrestling. I don't care where he's ranked for the semi-state, because rankings mean nothing. My purpose in this post was to demonstrate one fact: This is NOT a forum for making kids feel worse about their performances. If you want to praise a kid for winning or whatever, that's great, but not the other way around.
  8. Not mad, my friend, but rather frustrated as someone who works with kids every single day and realizes that, as confident as they may seem sometimes, they're still just kids.
  9. You read my mind, Ratman! Oddly enough - and I bet few people remember this - Dexter wrestled 215 his freshman year. Not that it takes anything away from Larimore's career, but he did not make it to state as a freshman. I think if Streck is able to do that at heavyweight his freshman year, he could be on an even brighter path! Obviously, he would have to go on to perform at the elite level Dexter did for the next three years, but I'd say he's on the right track! Very impressive kid.
  10. Why stop there? Why not completely embarrass the kid? Go on, see what else you can think of to really bash the injured 17 year old! You should take up something constructive to get rid of all that rage, buddy. Maybe some scrapbooking? You could make a burn book like the one in the movie Mean Girls! That'd be fun! Oh, or you could watch some TLC all day on TV and totally rip on all the ugly dresses those stupid brides pick out! Whatever you decide, just maybe don't use your free time to emphasize how poorly some kid wrestled on one day. Sound good? I don't even know you Brassea, but I hope you crush it on Saturday dude...
  11. I have to agree with da rat...Streck (Merrillville) is a beast. It's very rare to find the type of freshman athlete who can strongly compete (sometimes dominate) playing on the interior of the defensive line in football, and then turn around and potentially earn a place on the podium in Indy as a heavyweight wrestler. He's really earned the early hype he was given with a preseason ranking this year. With that said, any freshman who sticks the #1 ranked kid in the state deserves a nod.
  12. I agree. 195 might be the best weight class to watch on Saturday! We might be seeing the 4 guys you mentioned at Merrillville High School a couple weeks from Saturday, as well. Also, I did not realize that North Newton switched sectionals. That makes sense, thanks for the info!
  13. With Portage now out of this sectional, I'm taking the under! No offense to any of the wrestlers or teams in this sectional, but I think the qualifiers out of the Crown Point sectional will dominate their match-ups come regional time. When you start talking about Crown Point, Valparaiso, Lowell, Hanover Central and a senior-heavy Kankakee Valley team this year, I believe it'll create a lot of mismatches between the 1's and 2's out of LaPorte and some of the 3's and 4's out of CP.
  14. I did see an interesting note while looking at the bracket: Big match-up at 126 in the semi's between Fuqua and Buckley. Too bad that one won't happen in the finals.
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