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Elementary Duals on the Border @ Jay County Results

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Congratulations to the Elementary Team from Wauseon, Ohio.  Full results below.

Pool A

Jay County          63                          Central Noble    60                           Central Noble    58

Yorktown            18                           Jay County          27                           Yorktown          22

Pool B

FW Carroll        63                           Wauseon, OH    50                           Wauseon, OH    60

Adams Central  24                           FW Carroll         27                           Adams Central  15

Pool C

Delta                 48                           Wabash            41                            Wabash         48

Bellmont            29                           Delta                 36                           Bellmont         37

Pool D

Northeastern    52                            Rochester         50                           Rochester         62

Columbia City    30                           Northeastern     28                            Columbia City  15

Championship Pool

Wauseon, OH    57                           Rochester           55

Central Noble    21                           Wabash               27

1st Place                                               3rd Place

Wauseon, OH    35                           Central Noble    53

Rochester          31                           Wabash             30

Consolation Pool 1

Jay County          52                         Northeastern    40

FW Carroll           26                         Delta                36

5th Place                                               7th Place

Jay County        44                           FW Carroll           42

Northeaster       40                           Delta                    28

Consolation Pool 2

Yorktown           48                           Columbia City    42

Adams Central  38                           Bellmont             32

9th Place                                               11th Place

Columbia City    49                           Bellmont            37

Yorktown            30                           Adams Central  32

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Nice email received from one of the coaches of the Wauseon, Ohio Elementary Team.

Good morning, Nat!

It was nice to meet you yesterday at the Jay County Dual tournament. 

Just wanted to drop you a quick note and offer my kudos on the tournament yesterday!   The schedule ran very smooth and the officials were fantastic!  With a 2 hour drive home, all of us appreciated the fact that we were out of there so early in the afternoon.

The t-shirts and medals were a great touch for the winners!! (my son has his t-shirt on at school today!)

I know how challenging these events can be to run, and wanted to let you know you got 2 thumbs up on this event!!

Have a great Thanksgiving and I am sure we will see you at another event one of these days!!

Brian Stuckey

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