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Zionsville Sectional resuts

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1st: Hamilton Southeasttern 206

2nd: Zionsville 160.50

3rd: Westfield 1153.50

4th: Fishers 143.50

5th: Lebanon 13100

6th: Carmel 116.5

7th: Clinton Central 73

8th: Frankfort  58.%0

9th: Western Boone 57.50

10th: Sheridan 160

11th: Clinton Prarie 0


Wilhelm 1st Ca

2nd: Steele WF

3rd: Holmes HSE

4th: Bocock Leb

5th: Wilson ZV

6th: Wright FI


1st: Chastain HSE

2nd: Weber ZV

3rd: Pruitt  CA

4th: Hall Leb

5th: Collins Frfort

6th: Parsley Webo


1st: Eldred WF

2nd: Mantel Zv

3rd: Pavin Fi

4th: Archibaald CC

5th: Stansberry HSE

6th:: Robertson Leb


1st: Belden WF

2nd: Stansberry HSE

3rd: VanCamp Leb

4th: Lucas CC

5th: Kern ZV

6th: Bernard CA


1st: Perez Frfort

2nd: Snyder  HSE

3rd: Lile FI

4th: Eldred WF

5th:  Milakovic Leb

6th: Mullin CC


1st: Watson HSE

2nd: Smith Leb

3rd: Glenn ZV

4th: Sanburn WF

5th: Rodimel CA

6th: Syverson Fi


1st: Campbell Leb

2nd: Steele WF

3rd: Carlson CA

4th: Mak-Dawson FI

5th: Graef ZV

6th: Reeder HSE


1st: Bennett HSE

2nd: Theriot CA

3rd: Sutcliffe FI

4th: Haverson ZV

5th: Magee Webo

6th: Horkay WF


1st: McCloskey Webo

2nd:Tatom HSE

3rd: Krege Ca

4th: Tamanini FI

5th: Petty CCC

6th: Hawley ZV


1st: Neibarger HSE

2nd: Scott CC

3rd: Floor WF

4th: Moore Leb

5th: Garcia CA

6th: Pedigo Webo


1st: Riley FI

2nd: Morales Webo

3rd: Mason ZV

4th: Miller CC

5th: Steffy Leb

6th: Johnson CA


1st: Sliga FI

2nd: Dixon HSE

3rd: Einterz ZV

4th: Greeno FrFort

5th: Milton WF

6th: Hart Leb


1st: Aven ZV

2nd: Risse FrFort

3rd: Hoover Sher

4th: Lee HSE

5th: Humphrey FI

6th: Smith Leb


1st: Brewer ZV

2nd: Gilchrist WF

3rd: Gary FI

4th: Roe CA

5th: Bauer Leb

6th: Shaw CC

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