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  1. [table] Zionsville35Lebanon30 [/table]
  2. Old Capital City Classic-Corydon[table] 1Zionsville3342Floyd Central2713Columbus North2404Lafayette(KY)2355Gibson Southern2286Evansville Central2227Corydon Central1648Southport140[/table]Lexington Henry Clay (KY) 4th, not Lafayette. OWI: Bailey La Hue Corydon
  3. Zionsville 67 Frankfort 4
  4. [table] Zionsville57Western Boone11 Zionsville51Delta25 Zionsville44Leo28 Zionsville47Fishers21 Zionsville52Western26 [/table]
  5. 1st: Hamilton Southeasttern 206 2nd: Zionsville 160.50 3rd: Westfield 1153.50 4th: Fishers 143.50 5th: Lebanon 13100 6th: Carmel 116.5 7th: Clinton Central 73 8th: Frankfort 58.%0 9th: Western Boone 57.50 10th: Sheridan 160 11th: Clinton Prarie 0 106: Wilhelm 1st Ca 2nd: Steele WF 3rd: Holmes HSE 4th: Bocock Leb 5th: Wilson ZV 6th: Wright FI 113: 1st: Chastain HSE 2nd: Weber ZV 3rd: Pruitt CA 4th: Hall Leb 5th: Collins Frfort 6th: Parsley Webo 120: 1st: Eldred WF 2nd: Mantel Zv 3rd: Pavin Fi 4th: Archibaald CC 5th: Stansberry HSE 6th:: Robertson Leb 126: 1st: Belden WF 2nd: Stansberry HSE 3rd: VanCamp Leb 4th: Lucas CC 5th: Kern ZV 6th: Bernard CA 132: 1st: Perez Frfort 2nd: Snyder HSE 3rd: Lile FI 4th: Eldred WF 5th: Milakovic Leb 6th: Mullin CC 138: 1st: Watson HSE 2nd: Smith Leb 3rd: Glenn ZV 4th: Sanburn WF 5th: Rodimel CA 6th: Syverson Fi 145: 1st: Campbell Leb 2nd: Steele WF 3rd: Carlson CA 4th: Mak-Dawson FI 5th: Graef ZV 6th: Reeder HSE 152: 1st: Bennett HSE 2nd: Theriot CA 3rd: Sutcliffe FI 4th: Haverson ZV 5th: Magee Webo 6th: Horkay WF 160: 1st: McCloskey Webo 2nd:Tatom HSE 3rd: Krege Ca 4th: Tamanini FI 5th: Petty CCC 6th: Hawley ZV 170: 1st: Neibarger HSE 2nd: Scott CC 3rd: Floor WF 4th: Moore Leb 5th: Garcia CA 6th: Pedigo Webo 182: 1st: Riley FI 2nd: Morales Webo 3rd: Mason ZV 4th: Miller CC 5th: Steffy Leb 6th: Johnson CA 195: 1st: Sliga FI 2nd: Dixon HSE 3rd: Einterz ZV 4th: Greeno FrFort 5th: Milton WF 6th: Hart Leb 220: 1st: Aven ZV 2nd: Risse FrFort 3rd: Hoover Sher 4th: Lee HSE 5th: Humphrey FI 6th: Smith Leb 285: 1st: Brewer ZV 2nd: Gilchrist WF 3rd: Gary FI 4th: Roe CA 5th: Bauer Leb 6th: Shaw CC
  6. Zionsville finishes 20-3 on the season.
  7. Team Results: 1st: Zionsville 379 2nd: Floyd Central 374 3rd: Evansville Central 317 4th: Columbus North 255 5th: Gibson Southern 218 6th: Corydon 157 7th: Southport 148 8th: Salem 122
  8. Zionsville 34 Danville 30 Eagles are 10-1 on the season. Eagle invite on Saturday.
  9. Round 1: Zionsville 57 Roncalli 18 Round 2: Zionsville 54 Richmond 13 Round 3: Zionsville 68 Lafayette Jeff 11 Round 4: Warren Central 41 Zionsville 14
  10. Team score: 1st: Hamilton Southeastern 194.5 2nd: Westfield 180.0 3rd: Fishers 147.50 4th Zionsville 133.0 5th: Noblesville 112.0 6th McCutcheon 97 7th: Avon 89 8th: Lafayette Harrison 68 9th: Brownsburg 65 10th: Lafayette Jeff 39.5 Place winners: 106: 1: Mantei Zv 2: Chastain HSE 3: Lee Fi 4: Rassbach Av 5: Barrantes Nob 6: Davis LHar 113: 1: Belden WF 2: Pavan Fi 3: Stansberry HSE 4: Chambers LJeff 5: Best L Har 6: Weber Zv 120: 1: Lile Fi 2: Canrithers Fi 3: Storey Nob 4: Arnold BB 5: Sanburn WF 6: S. Kern Zv 126: 1: Watson HSE 2: Eldred Wf 3: Helm Av 4: Syverson Fi 5: Wilding Nob 6: Bayley L Har 132: 1: Snyder HSE 2: Steele Wf 3: Roeker L Har 4: Svorinic Av 5: Kitko Nob 6: Mai-Dawson Fi 138: 1: Griffin McC 2: Gunning Wf 3: Marcuson Nob 4: Glenn Zv 5: Velazquez L Har 6: Miranda Av 145: 1: Tatom HSE 2: Rooney Wf 3: Wormuth Nob 4: McCloskey Zv 5: Gasper Fi 6: Huston BB 152: 1: Brown LJeff 2: Kern Zv 3: Bennett HSE 4: Juarez Wf 5: Owen L Har 6: McVey Nob 160: 1: Floor Wf 2: Pearson HSE 3: Medrano McC 4: Konieczny L Har 5: Jones Nob 6: Tamanini Fi 170: 1: Irick HSE 2: Dale McC 3: Riley Fi 4: Centofante Zv 5: Hensley Nob 6: Huston BB 182: 1: Schaefier Wf 2: Conner Zv 3: Zorniger Av 4: Elliot Nob 5: Ludwig BB 6: Chaney L Har 195: 1: Sliga Fi 2: Jones Av 3: DeLong Wf 4: Dixon HSE 5 Einterz Zv 6: Harlan BB 220: 1: Kult McC 2: Snyder Fi 3: Stinett BB 4: Aven Zv 5: Bond Nob 6: Eldridge 285: 1: Janney HSE 2: Snyder Av 3: Stevens Fi 4: Mallory BB 5: Brewer Zv 6: Franco L Jeff Congratulations to HSE. Great tournament Brownsburg.
  11. Team Score: 1st: Zionsville 377 2nd: Floyd Central 327 3rd: Evansville Central 323 4th: Columbus North 245 5th: Arsenal Tech 198 6th Jeffersonville ( 189 7th Southport 183 8th Corydon Central 117 Zionsville Placers 106: Preston Mantel 1st-Outstanding Wrestler Award Winner 113: Mitch Weber 5th 120: Austin Simspon 2nd 126: Austin Graef 3rd 132: Joe Banks 4th 138: Tyler Glenn 5th 145: Donovan McCloskey 6th 152: Adam Kern 1st 160: Chad Hawley 1st 170: Philip Centofante 1st 182: Michael Conner 1st 195: Joe Einterz 2nd 220 Jacob Aven 4th 285: Austin Brewer 2nd
  12. Team Scores: 1st: Evansville Reitz: 207 2nd: Center Grove 175 3rd: Brownsburg 148 4th: Mooresville 141 5th: Zionsville 129 6th: Carmel 116 7th: Fountain Central 86 8th: Western Boone 65 Individual Results by Weight Class: 106 1st: Damon Kuhn EVR 2nd Preston Mantel ZV 3rd: Zach Blevins CG 4th: Karl Wihelm CAR 5th: Steven Parsley WB 6th: Jonah Crawford MO 113 1st: Anthony Schoettle CG 2nd Jazz Swaso BB 3rd: Josh Davis EVR 4th: Mitch Weber ZV 5th: Drew Fagin CA 6th: Blake Davis MO 120: 1st: Blake Johns EVR 2nd: Auston Arnold BB 3rd: Austin Simpson ZV 4th: Mitch Anderson MO 5th: Justin Sage CG 6th: Clay Hudson FC 126 1st: Gideon Vanhook EVR 2nd: Paul Thomas BB 3rd: Nathan Carmichael CG 4th: Nick Patterson CA 5th: Austin Graef ZV 6th: Brent Kyle WB 132 1st: Trevor Moody EVR 2nd: Jake Swigert MO 3rd: Troy Willsey CG 4th: Johnny Cimmeron BB 5th: Brian Phan CA 6th: Karl Anliker ZV 138: 1st: Zach Hays CG 2nd: Kyle Bryant MO 3rd: Mitchell Schnarr EVR 4th: Colton Bane FC 5th: Ben Rodimel CA 6th: Patrick Henry WB 145: 1st: Jack Bolin FC 2nd: Tyler Trulock CG 3rd: Brent McCreary MO 4th: Trevor Appell EVR 5th: John Theriot CA 6th; Zach Grimes WB 152: 1st:Blake Rueger EVR 2nd: Austin McCloskey WB 3rd: Eli Moore FC 4th: Kaden Newcomb MO 5th: Garrett Samuelson CA 6th: Carter Dodd ZV 160 1st: Ben Krege CA 2nd: Quentin Clough FC 3rd: Brock Warner CG 4th: Chris Mason ZV 5th: Delbert Harmon BB 6th: Jordan Frye MO 170 1st: Sean Mappes CG 2nd: Luke Huston BB 3rd: Aaron King EVR 4th: Philip Centofante ZV 5th: Randy Scott MO 6th; Brandon Dean CA 182 1st: Ben Smith MO 2nd: Michael Conner ZV 3rd: Conner Ludwig BB 4th: Ben Magee WB 5th: Seth Myers EVR 6th: Jake Stark CA 195 1st: Austin Bauer CA 2nd: James Carter EVR 3rd: Tyler Harlan BB 4th: Braxton Croley MO 5th; Josh Kurchler CG 6th: Doyle Baxter ZV 220: 1st: Mason Schnarr EVR 2nd: Jon Stinnett BB 3rd: Jacob Aven ZV 4th: Damien Stone CG 5th: Kyle O'Dell MO 6th; Bailey Inman CA 285: 1st: Jon Cook FC 2nd: Evan Mallory BB 3rd: Drew Ponder CG 4th: Tyler Hale WB 5th: Zac Newkirk MO 6th: Austin Brewer ZV OWI: Blake Rueger EVR
  13. Round 1: Lafayette Jeff 26 Griffith 47 Warren Central 35 Zionsville 28 Roncalli 42 Delphi 24 Round 2: Lafayette Jeff 16 Zionsville 48 Delphi 47 Griffith 24 Roncalli 39 Warren Central 20 Round 3: Lafayette Jeff 28 Delphi 42 Zionsville 18 Roncalli 50 Warren Central 57 Griffith 18 Round 4: Lafayette Jeff 10 Roncalli 10 Warren Central 57 Delphi 21 Zionsville 57 Griffith 18 Round 5: Lafayette Jeff 19 Warren Central 51 Roncalli 64 Griffith 6 Zionsville 40 Delphi 39 1st: Roncalli 2nd: Warren Central 3rd: Zionsville 4th Delphi 5th: Griffith 6th: Lafayette Jeff
  14. The Zionsville Team Regional has been postponed until Monday. Weigh-in will be at 5, and wrestling will begin at 6. All wrestler's should check with coaches regarding weight allowance.
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