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Article: 2017 IndianaMat Hoosier Preseason Open Stud List

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Check this page frequently for updates on the studs that are entered at this year's IndianaMat Hoosier Preseason Open. For more information on the tournament follow click the link below.

IndianaMat Hoosier Preseason Open Information

Weight Name(Grade) State Credentials 2016 IHPO
109 Jacob Moran(11th) Indiana State 8th '16 1st
109 Brayden Lowery(10th) Indiana State 3rd, Cadet Freestyle 8th  
109 Thomas Deck(10th) Kentucky State 4th  
109 Raymond Rioux(10th) Indiana State 6th  
109 Colton Drousias(10th) Indiana State Qualifier  
109 Chase Caprella(10th) Ohio State Qualifier  
109 Caleb Hernandez(11th) Ohio State Qualifier  
109 Dustin Norris(9th) Ohio Cadet Freestyle 7th  
109 Jesse Mendez(8th) Indiana USAW Schoolboy Triple Crown  
116 Brayden Curtis(11th) Indiana State 1st  
116 Noah Horst(10th) Tennessee State 1st  
116 Zac Cowan(9th) Kentucky State 2nd  
116 Christian Isbell(10th) Tennessee State 3rd  
116 Tom Dineen(12th) Wisconsin State 3rd  
116 Brayden Littell(10th) Indiana   3rd
116 Jack Wrocklage(12th) Missouri State 4th  
116 Samuel Fair(11th) Indiana State 5th  
116 Migdoel Ocasio(11th) Kentucky State 7th  
116 Raymond Adams(11th) Ohio State 7th  
116 Edward Suber(11th) Ohio State 7th  
116 Logan Boe(10th) Indiana State 8th  
116 Jose Diaz(12th) Indiana State 8th  
116 Alex Barbarise(10th) Illinois State Qualifier  
116 Joe Just(12th) Indiana State Qualifier  
116 Brendan Mattingly(9th) Indiana State Qualifier  
116 Caleb Oliver(10th) Indiana State Qualifier  
116 Brayden Shearer(12th) Indiana State Qualifier  
116 Reece Goss(8th) Kentucky State Qualifier  
116 Dylan Preston(9th) Kentucky State Qualifier  
116 Ben Manly(11th) Michigan State Qualifier  
116 Joey Dima(11th) Ohio State Qualifier  
116 Gavin Ritter(11th) Ohio State Qualifier  
116 Dominic Williams(11th) Tennessee State Qualifier  
116 Anthony Talamonti(11th) Illinois Junior Freestyle 4th  
123 Travis Ford-Melton(11th) Illinois State 1st 2nd '16, 1st '15
123 Asa Garcia(11th) Indiana State 1st, 3rd  
123 Kai Orine(11th) Missouri State 1st, 3rd  
123 Ty Mills(12th) Indiana State 2nd  
123 Brayden Palmer(11th) Tennessee State 2nd  
123 Tylan Tucker(12th) Kentucky State 3rd 2nd '15
123 Ethan Turner(10th) Ohio State 3rd 2nd
123 Cian Fischer(11th) Wisconsin State 3rd, 4th  
123 Seth Johnson(11th) Indiana State 4th  
123 Terrin Machart(12th) Michigan State 4th  
123 Jack Lenox(11th) Missouri State 4th  
123 Drake Campbell(10th) Indiana State 5th  
123 Rickey Garcia(11th) Kentucky State 5th  
123 Luke Dezember(11th) Tennessee State 5th  
123 Gavin Rose(11th) Indiana State 7th  
123 Anthony Federico(10th) Illinois State Qualifier  
123 Christian Valadez(10th) Illinois State Qualifier  
123 Alex Petro(11th) Indiana State Qualifier  
123 Morgan Sallee(10th) Kentucky State Qualifier  
123 Luke Hewitt(12th) Ohio State Qualifier  
123 Hunter Olson(11th) Ohio State Qualifier  
123 Jalen Spuhler(10th) Wisconsin State Qualifier  
129 Alec Viduya(10th) Indiana State 1st  
129 Hassan Johnson(12th) Illinois State 2nd 1st
129 Christian Mejia(12th) Indiana State 2nd  
129 Zachary Pledger(9th) Kentucky State 3rd  
129 Colin Poynter(12th) Indiana State 4th  
129 Blake Saito(10th) Ohio State 7th  
129 Jordan Ward(11th) Ohio State 7th  
129 Jabari Thomas(11th) Ohio State 8th  
129 Sammy Dietz(12th) Illinois State Qualifier  
129 Shawn Sparacino(12th) Illinois State Qualifier  
129 Matt Gimson(11th) Indiana State Qualifier  
129 Trey McCartney(12th) Indiana State Qualifier  
129 Zane Sullivan(12th) Indiana State Qualifier  
129 Gentry Deck(11th) Kentucky State Qualifier  
129 Sheridan Willoughby(10th) Kentucky State Qualifier  
129 Caleb Conedera(11th) Missouri State Qualifier  
129 Travis Waldner(10th) Missouri State Qualifier  
129 Sam Glassco(11th) Ohio State Qualifier  
129 Matt Zuckerman(11th) Ohio State Qualifier  
129 Bristin Hulsey(10th) Tennessee State Qualifier  
135 Skyler Crespo(10th) Michigan State 1st  
135 Matt Fields(12th) Ohio State 1st  
135 Corbyn Munson(12th) Michigan State 2nd  
135 Garret Kloeppel(11th) Missouri State 2nd  
135 Jacob Edwards(11th) Ohio State 2nd, 3rd  
135 Nate Wheeler(11th) Kentucky State 3rd  
135 Wade Monebrake(11th) Ohio State Qualifier 4th
135 Manzona Bryant(10th) Indiana State 5th  
135 Cameron Henderson(11th) Tennessee State 5th  
135 Matt Lee(10th) Indiana State 7th  
135 Alex Mosconi(11th) Indiana State 7th  
135 Ethan Harsted(12th) Illinois State Qualifier  
135 Reece Heller(11th) Illinois State Qualifier  
135 Jesus Mancera(12th) Indiana State Qualifier  
135 Carter Noehre(12th) Indiana State Qualifier  
135 Reese Rodriguez(11th) Indiana State Qualifier  
135 Peter Deaton(12th) Michigan State Qualifier  
135 Justin Kempf(11th) Wisconsin State Qualifier  
141 We Rachal(12th) Illinois State 1st  
141 Blake Mulkey(12th) Indiana State 2nd 1st
141 Kris Rumph(12th) Indiana State 2nd 1st
141 Trent Johnson(12th) Kentucky State 3rd  
141 Carson Price(11th) Michigan State 3rd  
141 Trevor Robinson(11th) Michigan State 3rd  
141 Tony Williams(12th) Michigan State 3rd  
141 Holden Heller(12th) Illinois State 4th 4th
141 Mason Miranda(12th) Indiana State Qualifier 2nd
141 Luke Wymer(12th) Ohio State 4th  
141 Jared Ford(12th) Ohio State 5th  
141 Jarrett Bischoff(10th) Ohio State 6th  
141 Caden Blust(11th) Ohio State 8th  
141 Johnathan Walker(11th) Colorado State Qualifier  
141 Hunter Cottingham(10th) Indiana State Qualifier  
141 Adam Davis(12th) Indiana State Qualifier  
141 Ryan Lester(11th) Missouri State Qualifier  
141 Jackson Hugentobler(11th) Ohio State Qualifier  
141 Jacob Potok(11th) Ohio State Qualifier  
141 Jeremiah Herron(11th) Tennessee State Qualifier  
148 Kendall Coleman(12th) Illinois State 2nd  
148 Kasper McIntosh(12th) Indiana State 2nd, 5th 2nd
148 Jacob Laplace(10th) Indiana State 4th  
148 Kolbi Caffey(12th) Illinois State 5th  
148 Jordan Slivka(11th) Indiana State 5th  
148 Graham Calhoun(10th) Indiana State 7th  
148 Patrick Ryan(12th) Illinois State Qualifier  
148 Grant Pauli(10th) Missouri State Qualifier  
148 Jack Tangen(12th) Illinois State Qualifier  
148 Eric Hiestand(11th) Indiana State Qualifier  
148 Griffin Dulak(12th) Kentucky State Qualifier  
148 Kyle Yuhas(10th) Michigan State Qualifier  
148 Michael Clark(12th) Ohio State Qualifier  
148 Demetri Monroe(12th) Ohio State Qualifier  
155 Brayton Lee(12th) Indiana State 1st 1st
155 Peter Enos(12th) Missouri State 1st(Nevada)  
155 John Manning(12th) Ontario State 1st(Utah)  
155 Donnell Washington(11th) Illinois State 2nd  
155 Derrick Smallwood(12th) Kentucky State 3rd 2nd
155 Elliott Rodgers(10th) Indiana State 4th  
155 Doug Ferrier(12th) Michigan State 5th  
155 Baan Rachal(12th) Illinois State 6th  
155 Noah Lamore(12th) Indiana State 6th  
155 Jakob McClintic(11th) Kentucky State 6th  
155 Farouq Muhammed(11th) Ohio State 6th  
155 Jax Leonard(10th) Ohio State 8th  
155 Mike Volkmar(11th) Illinois State Qualifier  
155 Jake Roberts(11th) Michigan State Qualifier  
155 Jared Musci(12th) Ohio State Qualifier  
155 Ben Yost(12th) Ohio State Qualifier  
155 Dajun Johnson(10th) Wisconsin State Qualifier  
163 Zac Bellaire(12th) Michigan State 1st  
163 Mason Sauseda(12th) Illinois State 3rd  
163 Samuel York(12th) Michigan State 3rd  
163 Brian Case(11th) Michigan State 3rd, 4th  
163 David Johnson(12th) Ohio   4th
163 Luke Silva(12th) Illinois State 4th  
163 Zach Lee(12th) Wisconsin State 4th  
163 Oszkar Kasch(12th) Indiana State 5th  
163 Hunter Reed(12th) Indiana State 8th  
163 Dante Colza(12th) Indiana State Qualifier  
173 River Shettler(11th) Michigan State 4th  
173 Kyle Smith(12th) Tennessee State 6th  
173 Brahm Ginter(12th) Ohio State 7th  
173 Eliseo Zamora(12th) Illinois State Qualifier  
173 Jed Levitz(12th) Indiana State Qualifier  
173 Mario Traficanti(12th) Indiana State Qualifier  
173 Garrett Barth(12th) Ohio State Qualifier  
173 Noah Clary(12th) Ohio State Qualifier  
173 Eric Vermillion(12th) Ohio State Qualifier  
173 Lennox Wolak(11th) Ohio State Qualifier  
185 Chase Stegall(10th) Missouri State 3rd  
185 Ryan Yarnell(12th) Missouri State 3rd  
185 Ashton Eyler(12th) Ohio State 3rd  
185 David Heath(12th) Ohio State 3rd  
185 Brad Lowe(12th) Indiana State Qualifier  
185 Jackson Fuller(11th) Kentucky State Qualifier  
185 Noah Cressell(12th) Indiana FloNationals 6th  
198 Victor Marcelli(12th) Ohio State 3rd, 6th  
198 Jaden Sonner(12th) Indiana   4th
198 Bradley Williams(11th) Tennessee State 6th  
198 Thomas Penola(12th) Indiana NHSCA Juniors 5th  
223 Jacob McClaine(12th) Indiana State Qualifier 3rd in '15
223 Cameron Sauerwein(12th) Ohio State Qualifier 4th
223 Cortez Woods(12th) Missouri State 4th  
223 Kyle Cornwell(11th) Indiana State Qualifier  
288 Anthony Cassioppi(12th) Illinois State 1st 1st
288 Keaton Kluever(12th) Wisconsin State 1st 3rd
288 Jack Williams(12th) Indiana   4th

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For everyone's information this is how "seeding" will be done.

We will have six groups we will put wrestlers into, they are the following
1. State Champion/IHPO Champion
2. State 2-3/IHPO 2-4
3. State 4-5
4. State 6-8
5. State Qualifier
6. Other Criteria

After all wrestlers are grouped we will let TrackWrestling assign the seeds. For instance if there are two wrestlers with #1 criteria, they will be the 1 and 2 seeds. If there are 3 wrestlers with the #2 criteria they will be seeds 3-5, and so on.

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