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  1. jimmybaitshop u

    Central Indiana JV Wrestling Championship

    I believe we are full at this point unless you have smaller teams with under 5 or 6 wrestlers. Thank you
  2. jimmybaitshop u

    Looking for JV invite Nov, 17th

    I also heard about a JV dual tournament at Cloverdale that you may look into.
  3. jimmybaitshop u

    Central Indiana JV Wrestling Championship

    North Central is in. Still room for a few more.
  4. jimmybaitshop u

    Central Indiana JV Wrestling Championship

    Franklin Central is in and Lawrence North has contacted me. Still room for more.
  5. jimmybaitshop u

    Central Indiana JV Wrestling Championship

    Brownsburg is in
  6. jimmybaitshop u

    Central Indiana JV Wrestling Championship

    Seeding will be done by a blind draw.
  7. jimmybaitshop u

    Central Indiana JV Wrestling Championship

    Teams So Far: Scecina Memorial H.s. Purdue Polytechnic H.S.
  8. *Scecina High School Located in Indianapolis IN will be host to the Central Indiana JV Wrestling Championships. *This will be a Individual Double elimination Tournament in which we hope to fill 8 wrestler brackets for each weight class. *Teams may enter no more than 2 wrestlers in each weight class, however they will only be able to designate 1 wrestler to accumulate points for the team Championship. Wrestlers from same teams will be put in opposite sides of the bracket.. *Date: Saturday December 29th. Weigh ins start at 6:45 am to 7:15 am and wrestling will begin at 8:00 am *Cost will be $10 per Wrestler. *Wrestling periods will go : 1st period 1 min, 2nd period 2 min,. 3rd period 2 min, *Trophy for Team Champions, Medals for top 3 in each weight class. *We will have 2 mats going and there will be no breaks.We will wrestle straight through until it is over. *Admission will be $5.00. Teams will be allowed two coaches passes. *Teams may bring as few as 1 wrestler to as many as 28. *Please respond on this thread or contact me at westsidebait@yahoo.com or my cell 317 457-5608 *This is going to be a great way to get your JV or Varsity2 Wrestlers extra matches this season. Scecina High School is located at 5000 Nowland Ave. Best of luck to everyone this season, Coach Donlan .
  9. jimmybaitshop u

    Varsity Super 6 - Avon HS - 12/22

    Hello Coach, i was curious if you were still going to have a JV Duals at this tournament. We should have close to a full JV team. Thanks Coach Donlan
  10. jimmybaitshop u

    Region 24 JV Championships

    Hello Coach, Scecina would like to attend this tournament again for this year if you plan to have it again. Jim Donlan
  11. jimmybaitshop u

    Decatur Central JV Invite on 01/09/19

    Hello Coach, I know we are wrestling Varsity on January 16th, however we would like to attend your JV tournament on January 9th if you have any room. Thanks Jim Donlan
  12. jimmybaitshop u

    Danville hosting JV tourney, Dec. 30

    Hello Coach, If you are planning planning on hosting this tournament in 2018 Scecina High School would be interested in attending. Thank you
  13. jimmybaitshop u

    Warren Central Looking for 2 duals

    Hell Coach, I was just checking in to see if you Varsity 2 team will be attending our 5 way meet at Scecina HS on December 1st again this year. Thanks Coach Donlan
  14. jimmybaitshop u

    Looking for a Tournament 12/1

    Hello Coach, I am from Scecina High school in Indianapolis. We are hosting a 5 way on Dec. 1st. We are awaiting a response from the teams that were in our meet last year at Scecina. If any of them are unable to attend I will contact you. Thanks Jim Donlan

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