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  1. jimmybaitshop u

    Warren Central Looking for 2 duals

    Hell Coach, I was just checking in to see if you Varsity 2 team will be attending our 5 way meet at Scecina HS on December 1st again this year. Thanks Coach Donlan
  2. jimmybaitshop u

    Looking for a Tournament 12/1

    Hello Coach, I am from Scecina High school in Indianapolis. We are hosting a 5 way on Dec. 1st. We are awaiting a response from the teams that were in our meet last year at Scecina. If any of them are unable to attend I will contact you. Thanks Jim Donlan
  3. jimmybaitshop u

    2018-2019 Looking for Multiple Duals

    Hello this is Coach Donlan from Scecina High School. Just checking in to confirm that we are on for Dec. 6th at Scecina. Thank
  4. jimmybaitshop u


    Indianapolis Scecina
  5. jimmybaitshop u


    Indianapolis Scecina
  6. jimmybaitshop u


    Indianapolis Scecina
  7. jimmybaitshop u

    Indianapolis City Tournament

  8. jimmybaitshop u

    Danville hosting JV tourney, Dec. 30

    Scecina High school would be interested in bringing 4 kids. Please contact James Donlan 317 457-5608 or jdonlan@scecina.org

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