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  1. We had a last minute withdrawal from the Scecina Invitational 5 way meet on Dec 7th 2019. With the late notice we will not charge to enter. Teams are Southport, Scecina, Chatard, and Ritter. We would also be interested in a Varsity 2. We need to know soon. Coach Donlan 317 457-5608
  2. Keep an eye on Scecina this year. We were 23-3 last year and got lots of guys back.
  3. Brayden has such a positive way that I know he will come back from this like he has done in the past. Thank you for all the positives you have brought to wrestling. It was a pleasure to root for you.
  4. Scecina Memorial High School in Indianapolis would be interested in atttending if there are still some openings. Coach Donlan
  5. Scecina is available to wrestle you on Jan 15th or 16th if that would work for you. We are in your Sectional so it may help for seeding. Thanks Coach Donlan
  6. Who ever does the voting, Scecina Memorial would love to attend. We'll bring cookies.
  7. Indianapolis Scecina Memorial
  8. Indianapolis Scecina Memorial
  9. Indianapolis Scecina Memorial
  10. Indianapolis Scecina Memorial
  11. Indianapolis Scecina Memorial
  12. jimmybaitshop u

    Indianapolis City Meet

  13. Indianapolis Scecina Memorial
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