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Everything posted by TeamGarcia

  1. If wrestling was a class sport........

    That’s it ... I’m unleashing TheCounty Knight ... He’ll help us ! P.S. ... @Fabio Jr. is our TheCounty Knight just made him that cause he’s apart of TheCounty N.W.O... Get “the Wayne” ! Carry on with your Class Wrestling ... don’t mind us..... keep chatting fellas !
  2. If wrestling was a class sport........

    Hold up... since when does # TheCounty is offensive to get blocked by schools ? It’s just # combined word . Now I get using “word filter” on some words but # TheCounty and call a community that it smells and degrade Hendricks County is right ? C’mon Man you can do better than that. Carry on folks with your Class Wrestling debate while “the Wayne” & TheCounty negotiate these Sanctions.
  3. If wrestling was a class sport........

    So ... what was we chatting about here ? Ohhhh... that’s right Class Wrestling. Carry on fellas... Carry on... ! Sorry to interrupt . Might get called out again for taking over Topics ... lol
  4. If wrestling was a class sport........

    County Sanctions cause we are TheCounty N.W.O.
  5. If wrestling was a class sport........

    Let’s see <Pound Sign>HendricksCountySmellsFunny yep that looks edited by someone
  6. IHSAA Press Release... State Draws

  7. Evansville Semi-State Predictions

    See what I mean... another fine example right there #motivation
  8. Evansville Semi-State Predictions

    Prime example why you “Prouddads & sometimes Moms” should never make picks on a open forums . Wrestlers read it get pissed off and start beating everyone causing havoc to brackets wins State Championships ect ect ect.... example (that Stock kid) I bet he read one of your guys picks and said .... What The.... ! I’ll show them Haters ! See .... and here we go again . Thanks Guys & Girls !
  9. Evansville Semi-State Predictions

    BENJAMIN *whatever your middle name is* DALTON.... picture... In your moms voice...... don’t read or listen to these haters say/picks about anything . They know zero about wrestling and your hard work & determination Champ ! Use it as #motivation Champ !
  10. 120 Rankings

    Hey.... I like tacos, Scholar put that in the Negotiation .
  11. Because nobody reads the college board

    University of Ball State University of Notre Dame (Indiana) University of Avon (3A) All 3 offer great wrestling studies in Sports Medicine.
  12. Because nobody reads the college board

    Purdue a great College, my daughter goes there pursuing a Teaching Degree. My Family knows the Campus well . #BoilerUp With that said ... I’ll have little say in where he lands in the Future. It’s not me Wrestling or going to school there. My wife & I will Support him where ever he lands . I will say he’s been highly recruited by all Indiana Colleges & out of State these days .
  13. 120 Rankings

    @ontherise219... he’s TheCounty #statguru not Region . If you like to talk negotiations you have to get in touch with TheCounty Lawyer. You know who he is . Lol
  14. Because nobody reads the college board

    ((#)) TheCounty ....Let’s all go over to the College Forum and take over like we do every Topic anyways , eventually in a few years we’ll all be over there anyways . Bah !
  15. Because nobody reads the college board

    Look this guy wants us to fall for it .... Gott’em !
  16. Brackets Are Out

    See what I mean People , he’s trying to get “The Peoples Champ” & start campaigning War. Not Cool
  17. Brackets Are Out

    16 Hours Later ..... **picture spongebob little theme here** Dear, Sweet Baby Wrestling Gods of Brackets ... Indiana Wrestling Fans wanna thank you for not allowing this matchup until most think will happen at State .... even though TeamGarcia wanted this match for ticket round to go to State as token to give back to Wrestling Community because he cares about what The People thinks . Vote 4 TeamGarcia (HOF) He wanted to give back their money’s worth paid admission into Ford Center . He’s The Peoples Champ ! Wooooooooo..... @UncleJimmy will now come in and attempt to smash & bash TeamGarcia credibility by saying he’s not a “People Person” and post a screen shot as evidence. Blah, Blah, Blah ... he’ll will go on & on about him . Not Cool !
  18. 120 Rankings

    Respect ? Why should there be any respect ? All @Indysportsfan did was put a placement at Regionals beside IndianaMat official and last Rankings . LMAO ! Ohhh... and crossed out the Eliminated individuals that was ranked to give a brighter view of who’s in & out .
  19. Notable results and upsets regional edition

    One match that stood out to me that no one talked about was 195- Avons unranked #4 seed Andrew Frank over Martinsville ranked #8 & #1 seed Griffin Stine opening round upset to move on to Semi-State. Great match, great win by Mr. Frank today .
  20. Notable results and upsets regional edition

    285- Moorseville Regional #4 Curtis over #1 Peterson 8-5
  21. 285 weight class here is no joke !
  22. 2018 Hypothetical IN All Star Matchups

    Not laughing because his redshirt, he does seem a bit older than a Freshman, obviously he had or has Certain Goals he wants to Crush. Great wrestler arguably one of Indiana Best. To my sons he’s one of the best in College now & look up to him . I’m looking forward in the future if or when they Clash .
  23. 2018 Hypothetical IN All Star Matchups

    Always wanted Asa to wrestle Stephen Micic, maybe i’ll get that match at the next level in a few years . #nextlevelgoals
  24. Year round wrestling hurting the sport?

    There you go ladies & gentlemen ..... Best Comment on This Topic !
  25. Year round wrestling hurting the sport?

    The bottom paragraph nailed it, “spending time together that I will cherish forever” PRICELESS !