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  1. Toughest SS ?

    Evansville SS
  2. Week of 11/20-11/27

    #4 Avon opens their Season vs. Plainfield on Tuesday. #TheCounty Wrestlers to watch 106- #3 Avon Ray Rioux vs #11 Plainfield Cameron Allen 113- #9 Avon Tyler Conley 126- #1 Avon Asa Garcia 145- #7 Avon Mason Miranda 152- #3 Avon Nathan Conley 170- #3 Avon Carson Brewer 285- #13 Avon Aloosh *lineups are schedule to change at any time*
  3. Prediction Time

    I think we got ourself a #TheCountyRat.
  4. Article: Brayton Lee Commits to Minnesota

    Congrats Champ !
  5. WHO You got?

    I thought my translator skills was on point when trying to decode Da Rat for Nick . I’m almost Region growing up in the Mean Steets of Lil’ Chicago.
  6. WHO You got?

    Here... let me help translate for you Nick . Might be interesting, #TheCounty has better athletes . In 2 years in a College environment, #TheCounty wrestlers will be National Champs . They all have huge potential. Yea, That’s what he said.
  7. Flow \ Intermat Rankings

    Wonder why Zionsville 195- Thomas Penola isn’t ranked after his fantastic run at Super 32 ?
  8. Nick Lee question

    Nick wins by Major Joe wins by Tech over West Virginia
  9. Cayden Rooks of Columbus East commits to

    Congrats Champ
  10. Graham Rooks of Columbus East commits to

    Congrats Champ
  11. Magazine?

    Still no date, thus could be tomorrow on the next Thursday or Friday next SMOKE AND MIRRORS ON THE PEOPLE ... DILLY ! .... DILLY !
  12. Magazine?

    Probably next Thursday or Friday after last week Thursday or Friday Very confusing for the People, gotta read the fine print between Thursday or Friday
  13. Magazine?

    No dates on that comment , thus it could be next week Thursday or Friday or next month Thursday or Friday or last week Thursday or Friday . !! THE PEOPLE WANT CLEAR ANSWERS !!
  14. Monday and Wednesday Feature stories

    #TheCounty “The Rise To Power” I know millions ..... & millions #TheCounty fans that will read it .
  15. Super 32 updates

    Solid win by 170- Carson Brewer knocking off 19th in the county Zach Glazier of Minnesota 3-0. That kid was the Flo darkhorse pick and beat Peyton Robb last week. #TheCounty
  16. Nathan Walton of Brownsburg commits to

    Congrats Champ, Cumberland is picking up a great talent.
  17. Preseason Fort Wayne Semi-State Rankings

    Your forgetting Norwell wrestler, probably at 113-120 this year . Jr. Kade Zadylak injuried early last year, should be back 100% spell check on his last name
  18. Ty Mills of Brownsburg commits to

    Congrats Ty, I know your Father is one proud dad right now .
  19. Who will B.Lee Wrestle?

    #6 Justin McCoy from Pennsylvania. Lee Dominates in his normal fashion !
  20. Army Wrestlers

    Don't they have to do Prep Academy first ?
  21. NC SS Sneak Peek

    220- Kyle Cornwell, I'll take him as my #1 in NC Semi State if Mason Parris doesn't make that cut. Cornwell has had a great summer, got to watch him in Texas . Definitely going to keep a eye out for him this year.
  22. IHPO matchups

    #TheCounty has 5 in the Finals (3) Avon - 123 Garcia , 141 Miranda , 173 Brewer (2) Brownsburg- 141 Mulkey , 155 Lee FANtastic showing for Hendricks County !
  23. What's going on with the 195 lb class

    A #TheCounty school has a pretty good transfer at that weight. Via #TheCountyTMZ Details coming soon ........
  24. State champions

    Avon Returning (11) including (3) State Placers 3 Seniors - ( SQ- Miranda, Frank, Osho) 6 Juniors- (2- 2x State Placers- Garcia, N. Conley) (1 SSQ- Brewer) 2 Sophomore- (1-State Placer- Rioux) 4 Freshman- (T. Conley, J. Reynolds, B. McKivitz, C. Peters) all 3 are National All-Americans & National Champions & 2 Middle School State Champions #TheCounty