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  • Oak Hill at New Haven

    Event Information
    Wrestlers to Watch
    *This is based off of ranked wrestlers and wrestlers on our watch lists. If out of state wrestlers are in this event they are not included.

    106: #7/#2 Julianna Ocampo(New Haven) , NR/NR Manny Mora(Oak Hill)
    113: NR/#10 Karrington Cooper(New Haven)
    115: NR/NR Ysabelle Ocampo(New Haven)
    120: NR/#7 Timmy Rocha(New Haven) , NR/NR Colin Tarlton(Oak Hill)
    132: NR/#8 Devon Adkins(Oak Hill) , NR/#10 Brayden Clauser(New Haven)
    138: NR/NR Tyson Kendall(Oak Hill) , NR/NR Lucas Barkley(New Haven)
    144: #5/#1 Easton Doster(New Haven) , #18/#9 Emilio Liscano(Oak Hill)
    150: NR/#6 Aidan Elkins(New Haven)
    157: NR/NR Ian Amstutz(New Haven) , NR/NR Will Warnock(Oak Hill)
    165: #24/#4 RJ Trevino(Oak Hill)
    175: #15/#4 Evan Miller(Oak Hill) , NR/NR Vince Lepera(New Haven)
    215: NR/#10 Matt Poiry(New Haven)
    285: NR/NR Charles McGrant(New Haven)
    Event Results
    New Haven
    Oak Hill
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    157:  Ian Amstutz (NH) dec. Will Warnock (OH)                            3-0

    165:  R.J. Travino (OH) fall over Luke Beckman (NH)                     3-6 

    175:  Evan Miller (OH) fall over Mason Head (NH)                      3-12

    190:  Vince Lepera (NH) dec.  Charlie Curtis (OH)                       6-12

    215:  Matt Poiry (NH) fall  Jared Prickett (OH)     1:00               12-12

    285:  Charles McGrant (NH) fall  Conner Fernandez (OH) :57   18-12

    106:  Ysabelle Ocampo (NH)  fall  Manuel Mora (OH)  1:10      24-12

    113:  Julianna Ocampo (NH) fall  Mauricio Perez (OH) 2:42      30-12

    120:  Karrington Cooper (NH) fall Lucas Lawrence (OH) 1:27    36-12

    126:  Timmy Rocha (NH)  Fall  Colin Tarlton (OH)  3:31              42-11   

              (OH unsportsmanlike conduct -1 team point)

    132:  Devon Adkins (OH) dec.  Braydon Clauser (NH)                42-14

    138:  Tyson Kendall (OH) fall  Lucas Barkley (NH)  1:25              42-20

    144:  Easton Doster (NH) major  Emilio Liscano (OH)                 46-20

    150:  Aidan Elkins (NH) major  Hayden Wagner (OH)                 50-23

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